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Movie brings a new twist to romantic comedies

“About Time” is not just another typical romance movie. It is a part romantic comedy, drama, and sci-fi mixed into one which adds some edginess to it. This film grabbed everyone’s attention from the beginning, with its wittiness and sincerity, it made it seem more authentic.

The story follows Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) and his quest to end his bad luck with women and improving his love life. At 21, while most guys can’t wait to have their first legal alcoholic drink. Tim gets some life-changing news from his dad that will change his life forever; the men in his family can time travel. The only limitation is that he can only travel back to revisit and revise parts of his life, and no one else’s.

He begins by fixing a disastrous New Years kiss, and when a summer crush, on his sister’s best friend, doesn’t go as planned he realizes that no matter how many times he travels back he can’t make someone fall in love with him. With this he decides to move to London where he bumps into the beautiful Mary (Rachel McAdams).

After many failed attempts and persistence, he finally catches Mary’s attention and wins her heart. The romance flourishes as Tim continues to use his time-traveling ability to make the perfect proposal and to save his best friends career.

As his life progresses he finds that even with this unique gift, he can’t change everything, especially life’s sorrows and family problems. He decides to live his life only one time, no redo’s or edits, just like everyone else.

This movie is a must-see, a fun romantic comedy with a twist.

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