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Students host concert to raise money for local Kenyans

Fullerton College Political Science Student Association will be organizing a benefit concert where 100 % of the profits will be sent to women and children living on the streets of Kenya.

“I wanted to experience other things, I didn’t want to be small minded about the world,” said Iris Cheng.

Cheng went to visit Kenya this summer to work with the Kipepeo Community Empowerment Program to help street women and children try to stop their violent behavior. However instead Cheng witnessed kids abandoned by their parents going into prostitution.

“Some of these kids sniff glue to forget their hunger,” said Cheng.

Cheng brought the topic to Joshua Kleinbergs, a member of PSSA, who expressed interest in the idea and directed her to PSSA President Jose Solano.

“It was the second day of school, everyone was trying to still figure out clubs, clubs weren’t organized, and here comes Iris with this idea for a benefit concert it was a brilliant idea,” said Solano.

Solano and Cheng were able to discuss the process and followed the Associated Students bylaws, president hospitality rules, and the A.S. and Inter-Council Club co-sponsorships guidelines to ensure PSSA could host the concert.

“I was working with these street kids and I found out we didn’t see any street women during the day and I found out these women were only allowed out at night because they were prostitutes,” said Cheng.

The KCEP organization was founded by local Kenyans and works in rural communities in East Africa to support women and children and prompt them to find a better life besides prostitution.

“I went to these slum shacks, the environment was really bad. Eight or Nine women lived in there, they didn’t even have houses,” said Cheng.

Cheng also witnessed children that could not communicate with each other.

PSSA was able to receive $450 from A.S. and ICC and will use that money for advertising only.

“We are looking for people to donate candy boxes so we can sell them as a concession at the concert to raise more money,” said Solano.

PSSA will also be holding informational booths out in the quad to raise awareness for the concert.

PSSA will be hosting the Kenya Benefit Concert on November 23 at the Fullerton college Campus Theatre and will start at 8 p.m.

The concert will feature the Cabana Boys who will be headlining the event.

For more information go to or contact PPSA at [email protected].

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