FC Night at Angel Stadium 2017: A night to be a part of

Stephanie Lozano

To kick off the spring break, close to 1,300 students, faculty and alumni swarmed the Angels Stadium for the second annual FC Night to

FC Night @ Angels MLB Game
FC students enjoying a night out at the ball park and sporting their custom made FC Angels baseball cap on April 8. Photo credit: Stephanie Lozano

raise funds for the college on Saturday, April 8.

It wasn’t just the social occasion of the semester, but an event to raise funds and spread awareness for the Chris Lamm & Toni DuBios-Walker Memorial Food Bank, supplied by Fullerton College for students in need, and the Students of Distinction scholarships.

When asked about the event’s success, Fullerton College President Greg Schulz said that around $11,000 were raised for the food bank and scholarships, all due to ticket sales.

“It’s a really important event, just because it does benefit the food bank and I know there are students in need at Fullerton College that rely on it,” said Associated Students Vice President and newly elected President, Taylor Gaetje. “It’s a really good cause, and I would love to see this continue in the future for the food bank.”

The Hornets brought in an atmosphere of team spirit and support that truly reflected what Fullerton College is all about to the Angels Stadium.

FC Night @ Angels MLB Game
Booths set up for FC attendees to enjoy before the game started on April 8. Photo credit: J.P. Dabu

“When we first had this idea, the number one thing we wanted to do is to bring the Fullerton College family together,” Schulz said. “It’s one thing to go to an Angel game with family and have a family experience, but we wanted to bring our giant campus family together.”

Prior to the game and the ceremony, Fullerton College hosted pre-game activities that consisted of face painting for children, a raffle that was added this year, and a variety of games for an opportunity to win prizes.

The pre-game also had a photo opportunity with Buzzy, the school’s mascot, with the “Big A” in the background.

FC Night @ Angels MLB Game
FC attendees capturing a moment with a picture with Buzzy in front of the “Big A” near the gates of the stadium on April 8. Photo credit: J.P. Dabu

The pre-game was not only held for students and faculty members. With a burst of curiosity, Angel fans also came down and interacted and found themselves having a great time before the first pitch.

As the attendees of FC Night were ready to settle down and find their seats, taking in a great view of the Angel Stadium, there was a pre-ceremony to recognize and honor FC student athletes for their outstanding performances they have achieved both on the field and in the classroom.

Alongside of the athletes, proudly sporting a Hornets baseball tee, President of Fullerton College Dr. Greg Schulz was also introduced. Perry Webster, Co-State basketball coach, and Tim Byrnes, coach of the national and state championship football team, were also given recognition.

As a rush of excitement led the evening, Byrnes was given the opportunity to throw out the first pitch of the night kicking things off for the Angels.

FC Night @ Angels MLB Game
FC students cheering on the Angels, as they took the lead against the Mariners on April 8. Photo credit: Stephanie Lozano

“This is a camaraderie and it’s making major contribution to our students,” said Gerald Padilla, Professor of Ethnic Studies, “Its all about our students, giving back to the community and assisting students that need help.”

The night ended with a 5-4 victory over the Seattle Mariners.