Opinion: Does new regional Mexican artist Xavi deserve the top spot?

In the last couple of months, an up and coming regional Mexican artist has quickly risen to fame, leaving people to think if he really deserves the top spot on the charts.
As up and coming musician Xavi quickly rises to fame, people are wondering if he really deserves the recognition hes getting.
As up and coming musician Xavi quickly rises to fame, people are wondering if he really deserves the recognition he’s getting.
Sara Leon

In December 2023, a new artist by the name of Xavi blew up on TikTok with his song “La Victima” and quickly became a name that many users on the app now know.

The 19-year-old phenom is coming out with music consistently, and many of his songs have landed him on the top music charts for both Billboard and Spotify.

His song “La Diabla” quickly became a hit on Tiktok and is currently a top sound on the app with 537.5k videos made. The single is now no. 19 on Spotify’s 50-USA list, no. 37 on Today’s Top Hits and no. 2 on Viva Latino amongst other charts. “La Diabla” was the longest running #1 Latin solo song, taking Bad Bunny’s song “Monaco” out of the top spot.

He started out by posting covers of him singing popular regional Mexican hits. His covers were put on notice by the TikTok community, due to his unique manner of singing in which the range of chords he can hit is one that not many can do.

Xavi was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Many people call his hometown “la finikera” because it has housed many of the artists who play his style of music. At the age of 10, he learned to play the guitar. Just two years later, he started writing his own music.

Xavi’s style of music stems from the “Corrido” style of music. This style carries a unique sound which includes three guitars. One six-strand guitar, one 12-strand guitar called the requinto, and one four-strand guitar called a bajoloche. The style also includes a cello-like instrument called a tololoche, and one of two charchetas. Corrido has existed for over 200 years, but in the last decade, a new take on the genre called “Corridos Tumbados” has not just become a trend, but a new style.

The genre has greatly influenced a new generation of artists. This includes artists such as Peso Pluma, Fuerza Regida, Marca Registrada, and Xavi.

Xavi gears his music towards the new generation of fans as he envelops their experiences and feelings into songs with catchy melodies. He can be seen as a new hope for artists that aspire to one day be dominating the industry like he is now.

Judging by the numbers, the avid listeners of the corridos tumbados genre are enjoying this new up and coming artist. It also shows a lot on social media, as one won’t go too long without hearing one of his songs used in a video.

People have mixed emotions about Xavi’s way of singing and interpreting. However, one might argue that it gives people a greater sense of respect towards the artist and his originality.

These mixed emotions created from Xavi’s craft shows admiration towards him and his take on the genre. The attention he is gaining is well deserved. At only 19-years-old, he is accomplishing more than many artists that have been in the industry for much longer.

In a short period of time, he has made himself a household name with 31.3 million active listeners on Spotify. It’s safe to say that the genre is only becoming more popular and establishing what seems like a permanent style of music thanks to Xavi and many other artists. He has come to prove that he and the genre are here to stay. Don’t be surprised if he also starts to rack up lots of awards, streams, and more respect in the future as there seems to be no stopping him on his rise to fame.

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    SportyApr 12, 2024 at 8:49 am

    I really dig your songs Xavi keep it going. Sorry to see you are a suns fan. GO LAKERS LOL!!
    Are you coming to LA? see u soon. ps: Chapparo chuacheger turn me on your music