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The government puts distrust in our allies

In recent weeks, news outlets have been informing viewers about the possibility of President Barack Obama and his administration spying on other countries. There is uncertainty as to why this is happening or why Obama and his administration feels the need to spy on other countries. The controversy is creating more backlash for Obama and his already low rating approval with the public.

If you think the government spying on us is bad, think again. Obama and his administration should be ashamed of their actions. It was recently revealed that the president and the state department had knowledge that the National Security Agency was eavesdropping on European and North American allies. The government has even been listening on Chancellor of Germany Angel Merkel’s cell phone since 2002. The Obama administration will now go down in history as one of the worst administrations.

Does Obama need to decide whether or not to end the spying on our allies? It should be an immediate “yes”.

Spying on our allies is morally wrong and the consequences could already be disastrous. The U.S. is fighting a war on terror and our allies have been helping the U.S. since the very beginning after the attack on 9/11. They provide vital intelligence with terrorist money transfers, travel and communication. After the spying allegations the allies could simply decide not to provide any more help in defeating terrorist.

Allies also provide intelligence on the drug trade. What would happen if the U.S. no longer had the knowledge it needed to catch drug traffickers and illegal drugs coming into the country? Drug kingpins, cartels, mobs and gangs could overtake cities and affect the progress made on the war on drugs.

European allies are fuming and demanding answers as to why the U.S. gave the authorization to spy on over 34 allied countries.

The recent allegations will make more people wary of the government’s invasion of privacy. The people will become enraged and want to stand up and fight back. The administration will lose the people’s trust. The administration needs to be accountable for its own actions and legislation needs to be enacted to prevent further spying on its own citizens and allies.

It is understandable to spy on countries that are enemies and who seem to be dangerous in the civilized world, but it was said by members of the Obama administration that the intelligence gathered from spying on our allies isn’t for economic gain, but for a more secure future. So now we are to assume that our allies might some day turn on us? How can we have allies in the future to help us in a time of need when the government is questioning their trust now?

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