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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Buzz worthy

Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 955 into the law, which allows community colleges to raise tuition during winter and summer terms. This is only a pilot program so far.

Would you be willing to pay $200 per unit for AA classes during the summer?

_MG_1095 copy.jpg
Michael Badalamenti. Photo credit: Mathew Flores.

“No, but I also don’t believe in taking math classes in the summer because it’s just way too hard even in the regular semester.”
– Michael Badalament

_MG_1110 copy.jpg
Daniel Kleeh. Photo credit: Mathew Flores.

“No, it’s way too expensive even if you have a full time job its still ridiculous.”
-Daniel Kleeh
Business Management.

_MG_1121 copy.jpg
Monica Acosta. Photo credit: Mathew Flores.

“No, I would not. Per unit that’s ridiculous! I pay half of that right now.”
– Monica Acosta
Fashion Merchandising

_MG_1125 copy.jpg
Vanessa Munoz. Photo credit: Mathew Flores.

“I think I would if it was required because I’m a bio major. Math is a big part of it but if it wasn’t required I don’t think I would be willing to pay the $200.”
– Vanessa Munoz

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