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Associated Students are proposing a resolution on campus recycling program

Fullerton College’s Associated Students have a plan to make it more convenient for the campus to recycle.

“Recycling takes little effort on our part, but makes a huge difference to the ecosystems of our world,” said Susie Grabiel, professor of geography at Fullerton College.

Grabiel took part in the recent climate change symposium held in the campus theatre in celebration of Earth Day.

“It’s important that we lead by example if we want to create a healthier future, our individual lives and our campus will then foster a culture of caring for our planet if we can collectively muster the effort,” continued Grabiel.

Students are concerned about this issue as well, with convenience as the top issue.

“Since there are not any recycling bins across campus, it makes it less convenient for students, like me, to properly dispose of the recyclable materials,” said Rebecca Hernandez.

FC students like Hernandez choose the inconvenient alternative dispose plastics and other recyclables into the trash bins around campus.

Unfortunately, when these recyclables are thrown into the trash bin, they are simply taken to the garbage fields.

The plan put forth by the Associated Students intends to combat this issue.

“A.S. is urging the administration to implement a recycling program where clearly labeled recycling bins are placed all around campus,” said Noor Arbab, A.S. student senator.

Their hopes are that the recycling bins will urge students to easily place all recyclables in specific conveniently located areas.

The only recycling bins found on campus are placed in the Associated Students office in room 222.

Recycling bins inside of the A.S. room
The Associated Students room has one of the only recycling bins on campus. Photo credit: Lann Nguyen

There will be a meeting held Thursday, May 4 to discuss the proposal further, and hopefully, get it approved.

Cal State Fullerton has a recycling program implemented, with several bins properly labeled conveniently placed across campus.

CSUF recycling
Cal state Fullerton has recycling bins across their campus in order to prevent senseless waste. Photo credit: Lann Nguyen

“[Not having recycle bins on campus] is a good way for those who come onto campus and collect the bottles to turn them in at local recycle centers to make money,” said Joshua Quinonez, FC student.

The nearest recycling center is rePLANET recycling on Orangethorpe here in Fullerton.

For more updates on the recycling program resolution, visit the Associated Students office in room 222 in the 200 building.

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    Roger LongMay 7, 2017 at 9:06 am


    Wrong – the outdoor trash bins are well taken care of by many recyclers who visit the campus daily to collect cans and bottles. The real problem to be solved are the trash cans in each classroom where students also discard recyclables. Are those really sent to landfills, or does the overnight janitorial staff already sift though and recycle what they can?