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Brittany Gonzales

What is your opinion on community colleges possibly offering a 4-year-degree?

Photo credit: Mathew Flores.

“I think its great. Everybody deserves a chance to go to school and get their degree no matter where. It’ll probably be easier in a community college, there would be less transferring and paper work back and forth.”
-Stephanie Roe
Undeclared major

Photo credit: Mathew Flores.

“I think it gives people that had a hard time in school a fair chance. Community college is just easier for people who had a hard time in high school.”
Daniel Zathloul
Business major

Photo credit: Mathew Flores.

“In community college you already have too many students as it is general and it would just over-tax the resources that the school already has. You’d have to drop classes to fill up with higher level education. It would just be a bad idea.”
-Thom Fodor
Liberal arts major


Photo credit: Mathew Flores.

“I feel like it won’t be validated by many places. I feel like it’s a good idea considering how bachelor degrees are kinda declining on importance so it’s kind of like having your associates degree. It would be a lot harder to get classes and it would attract more people to come here because it’s cheaper right now. It would be really convenient.”
-Andrea Coria
Undeclared major