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Teacher leads student in a new direction with writing

Last year, TV/Film professor Victor Phan presented Fullerton College student Daniel Outhier with the Most Creative TV/Film student for 2013.

Outhier took Phan’s screenwriting class in the Fall of 2012 and knew that he had found his calling for writing.

“I took Victor’s class last fall and found my calling. I was 31 and thought I’d end up working dead-end jobs until the day I died, but when I started studying screen-writing, I took to it like a fish to water,” says Outhier.

Since Phan’s screen-writing courses are for film scripts, Outhier took an independent study with Phan to work on a Television script.

“He told me that my ‘voice’ was how a writer sees the world. That it is absolutely unique,” says Outhier.

Phan was impressed by Outhier’s work ethic despite his Autism and encouraged him to continue to work towards his goals.

“Daniel left himself vulnerable in his script ‘The Outsider’ and vulnerability makes for good writing,” says Phan.

Outhier enjoys watching sci-fi, fantasy and anything with a fantastic element that appeals to Outhier as both a writer and viewer.

“I’m working an internship company that’s closely connected with Guillermo del Toro,” said Outhier.

Phan enjoys writing social horror scripts and wants the audience to be aware about societal problems. This is something that Outhier was able to portray in “The Outsider,” which is about being the black sheep in society.

Phan has worked on numerous films like “Zombie Cokehead” and “Friends for Eternity.” Phan’s current project, “The Prey” is a $2.5 million project starring actor Danny Trejo, about U.S. soldiers in the Middle East who become trapped in a cave that is inhabited by a deadly creature.

“When something about society bothers me, I write about it,” said Phan.

Phan edited Outhier’s original work and was able to give him honest feedback on his writing. He was able to introduce Outhier to a few producers who needed a writer for work.

“I’m just learning to write, write and write consistently instead of waiting for inspiration to strike,” said Outhier.

Outhier has his own writing clients now and works in Los Angeles as a script reader.

“I know that, as a type-A personality, who works his ass off to get it done,” said Outhier.

Currently the pair are not collaborating on a project but Outhier has offered to make him a co-owner of a concept, if Phan will help him sell it. The concept of the show is about an adopted college student discovering the truth about his birth parents.

“I think what separates Daniel from other writers is his ability to reflect. There’s so much in life that he has missed out on because he feels like an outsider,” said Phan. “But now, it gives him a 20/20 hindsight to tell great stories through.”

Outhier inspires to become a staff writer and is working his way up to being a showrunner.

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