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The digital photo department upgrades lab with new Apple 5K iMac computers

Fullerton College updated its photo lab with stunning 5K retina display iMacs by Apple. The screen comes loaded with 14.7 million pixels, compared to the standard High Definition 1080p’s 2.1 million pixels.

Apple 5K Retina Display iMac
A visual of what the screen on the new Apple 5k Retina Display iMac in the Fullerton College Photo Department looks like. 2017. Photo credit: Apple

Melody La Monita, the Fullerton College Photography Program Coordinator, describes how the program prepares students for employment in the industry using the same equipment and software used by those in the workforce.

“It is imperative that our technology remains current to industry standards,” said La Monita.

La Monita continued, “With our recent purchase of new iMacs and upgraded software we have increased the quality of the Photography Program by providing students access to the technology they will find in workplace.”

The student workplace skills are developed and strengthened through hands on experience and access to specialized industry equipment.

They now have access to the best equipment, which will help them during their time here at Fullerton College and prepare them for their careers.

The retina display is stunning, boasting a resolution of 5,120 x 2,880. The average monitor has a display of 1080p with a resolution of 1,920 x 1080.

La Monita also spoke of more upgrades going to their studio production class, which has many students excited.

These upgrades were made possible through SWI grant and offers a great opportunity for students who want to study and practice photography.

The professor is proud of her Photography Program and how it provides crucial instruction that cannot easily be found in other schools.

“University and State Colleges do not teach the skill sets required for vocational photography careers; instead these institutions concentrate primarily on photography as a conceptual art theory and fine-art discipline,” as stated by La Monita.

5k iMac
The brand new 5k iMacs are all set up and ready to work in the Photo Lab Photo credit: Jacob Gamboa

The fact that Fullerton College can offer that “real world”, practical, preparing for a career, type of teaching, and at a much lower cost than the university is very important to have available to our students.

The addition of the new iMacs will make a great impact on the program and its members. It will help bridge the gap of technology and equipment that’s being used in schools and the industry.

The Fullerton College Photography Department offers many certificates and degrees and is located in the 500 building.

For more information about the Fullerton College Photography Department please visit their website.