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‘Getaway’ fails to impress

After arriving to his broken into and destroyed home Brent Magna (Ethan Hawke) former professional racecar driver, discovers that his wife (Rebecca Budig) was kidnapped and must go on a journey to rescue her. A stranger (Jon Voight) calls to inform Magna about the whereabouts of his wife and tells him if he hopes to see her again, he must comply with his demands. First being the robbery of a Shelby GT500 Super Snake from an empty lot.

From that point on, Magna is speeding through the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria and causing total chaos as he is told through multiple calls he receives. Multiple cop cars are wrecked beyond repair, nearly running over, if not already, the locals and much more.

After the first “task” that’s completed, a nameless, sassy yet baby faced lady (Selena Gomez), shows up with attempt to carjack the vehicle at gunpoint. With no previous knowledge, the very sophisticated car is actually hers and was stolen.

Gomez’ character is hard headed and has a pretty profane language. At first she shows no sympathy for Magna’s current problem then begins to understand and voluntarily chooses to aid Magna to rescue his wife and unmask the stranger. She reveals her father has a very prestigious position in the city’s largest investment bank.

As thrilling and action packed as the first car chases were, eventually it lost its excitement and the chases seemed more like a combination of ‘Cops’ and ‘Fast and the Furious.’ The form that the chases were heading, were close to, if not already predictable.

Selena Gomez’ character, which was never given a name, wasn’t very convincing. It’s not to say she’s not a good actress, but considering what the world mainly knows her for, as a child star, the role of a potty-mouth, feisty girl still doesn’t come across the big screen as the character is supposed to.

What really did not benefit this thriller was the lazy dialogue. It was there, but not really. A story was told very briefly which may have had the audience asking more questions about the characters or about the overall plot. There was a moment when Magna and the young lady are supposed to have a heart-to-heart towards the end but it wasn’t effective and could’ve added more lines to either character to give the movie a more touching moment.

The movie earned a mere $5.5 million in its opening weekend after having predictions of $6 million.

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