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Photo credit: Javier Gonzalez.

It’s a wonderful thing to see guys and girls take on the fashion world. However, it’s important to be aware of how one wears these clothes. It can be very easy to turn those fashion “do’s” into fashion “don’ts.” Here are some examples:

Leggings-The main thing to remember about leggings are that they are not pants. The most appropriate way to wear them is with a shirt or sweater that falls below your lower region.

High Waisted Shorts-This trend can be paired with any top and make for a stylish casual look. The problem is that these shorts are high waisted, which means the lower half is shorter. Be aware when shopping for these shorts to try them on and check the length on bottom.

Crop tops-If you choose to wear them, avoid wearing this top on its own. Showing off too much of your tummy is not attractive. Instead, pair the loose fit crop-tops with a fitted cami or tank top. The same goes for cropped sweaters. For the fitted cropped tops, pair with a loose flannel as a cover up or a button down chambray top. Ladies try following the cardinal fashion rule: if you show off legs, cover up on top. If you show off the top, cover up on bottom.

Men, there are some do’s and don’ts for you as well:

V-neck shirts-Stock up on these in multiple colors. Don’t buy deep v-neck shirts. It is not attractive or classy to show off your chest in public.

Button Down Shirts-long sleeve or short sleeve, these shirts are a must. The best colors and prints to buy are the more subtle tones and stick with neutrals. Don’t buy any of these shirts in loud prints like hawaiian or american flag. Avoid embellishments like jewels, studs and tribal prints.

Skinny Jeans-I’m not entirely sure where this trend started but it needs to stop. They aren’t flattering on any guy and definitely not functional. The best thing you can do is stay away from skinny and baggy jeans. Try to find a middle ground that fits your height and legs. A simple boot cut or straight leg pair of pants will go with everything and will save you money. As fashion trends change so will the do’s and don’ts. Please be aware of fashion crimes we all commit in the fashion world so that you can take this information and apply it to your wardrobe. Happy Shopping!

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