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Finals week is stressful, but FC students have healthy ways to cope

All across campus, students are studying wherever they can- on benches, on the grass and of course the library and they all have one thing in common.

Fullerton college
Finals week can be stressful but proper hydration, nutrition and rest can help get you through. Photo credit: Lann Nguyen

They are stressed out about finals, cramming last-minute study sessions into their schedule and finishing end-of-semester papers.

“I’m trying to come into class early to get all of my photos printed instead of waiting until the last-minute and scrambling” said photography student Noah Rodriguez.

According to the American Psychological Association, “between 80 and 95 percent of college students procrastinate on their schoolwork”.

“Playing the piano helps me unwind amidst all of the exams I’m prepping for” said Fullerton college student Jonathan Kim. “Watching a bunch of Netflix also helps me relax” adds Kim.

Other students understand the importance of taking a break from their online presence and take time to unplug.

“I find that locking myself in my room without my phone is the best way to unwind, I tend to get too distracted when I am working on my computer” said Jesse Hernandez. He added that, “It’s just too easy to open a tab to Facebook or Twitter when I’m supposed to researching for a school assignment online”.

The Association of Anxiety and Depression of America surveyed people and found that “Exercise is also considered vital for maintaining mental fitness, and it can reduce stress”.

“Studies show that it is very effective at reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration, and at enhancing overall cognitive function. This can be especially helpful when stress has depleted your energy or ability to concentrate” according to the ADAA survey.

“It’s important to get enough rest, I like to watch some Netflix before I start studying so that way I’m not tempted to turn the TV on throughout the course of my study session” said chemistry student Maria Umana.

Understanding the balance between school work and self-care is vital, staying-hydrated and fueled with healthy snacks is a must during finals week.

Christopher Schultz
Christopher Schultz, a Fullerton college student studying Biology enjoys sitting under a shaded tree to study between classes. Photo credit: Lann Nguyen

“Taking breaks are vital to my success, if I don’t then I will lose my mind studying and get a headache. I need some time to unwind so I’ll read a book, watch Netflix or take a breather” said Christopher Schultz, a biology student.

Always reach out to professors and friends for help coping with stress, especially during the stressful week of finals, there are many resources to help you with your stressful lives.

Suicide prevention lifeline

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