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A map can save lives from dog attacks

Every day hundreds of dogs injure or kill a significant amount of people. These kinds of incidents could be avoided if people took more responsibility and took care for their animals. Because of so many incidences with dogs attacking people Orange County is considering creating a website where people can find out what areas to avoid in their community where major dog attacks have happened.

Just like Megan’s law, where sex offenders are registered and tracked, the dog attack website would give people the knowledge they need to keep friends and family away from the area. It is a great idea and should be created and implemented.

It is sad to see how many people let their vicious dog off of their leashes. Why should an animal so mean be free to run around amuck and kill or injure a poor innocent little child? It is appalling to read in the newspapers or hear on television how many times these incidences happen because they happen all the time.

The dog isn’t the only one that should be punished. It is ultimately the owners fault. If anything happens to anyone the owner should be held responsible for the actions of their pet. This will teach the owner that purchasing an animal also comes with having common sense along with it.

There isn’t any reason why dogs have to be significantly mean today. Besides protecting property from trespassers what’s the significance? People have access to the police with the click of a button. Owners can purchase weapons. So, what’s the problem?

Nobody wants to be out jogging some day and to be attacked and have their arms or legs ripped off. It is a horrible death that can be avoided.

Megan’s law has done a great job informing neighborhoods about sex offenders, but with tracking and registering criminals there comes consequences.

Because of the way the law works any sex offenders can be located. That gives victims’ families the knowhow and advantage to seek revenge. This has happened with criminals and victims with Megan’s law. If a website devoted to track dog attacks goes online many of the Megan’s law policies would be in place. But the website would come with significant differences to prevent such incidents from happening.

People just need to be more aware as to what’s going on with their dog. If the dog starts showing signs of aggression the dog should be looked at by a veterinarian or locked up. These incidents shouldn’t be happening.

Hopefully, one day the website goes online and attacks drop significantly. It will go to show that human life can saved from others stupidity.

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