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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Black Hole Records and Stray Cat relocate

A store with a 32-year history in the local punk rock scene that started in Brea, Black Hole Records and Stray Cat will relocate in Downtown Fullerton.

Black Hole Records is owned by punk rock aficionado Bill Evans and his wife Anna who owns Stray Cat, a vintage fashion and costume store, in-house along with Bill Evans’ record store. With a unique dynamic of selling classic vinyl records to t-shirts, patches and even vintage fashion, the record and clothing store has been a popular go-to spot for music lovers.

Vinyl Records.
Black Hole Records sells everything from classic vinyl LP's to pins and patches. Photo credit: Anthony Robles

A change in their most recent building’s ownership forced the Black Hole Records and Stray Cat duo to find a new location to call home.

“We had a new landlord who jacked the rent up,” Bill Evans said, “we decided not to wait and storm out. We own the land and the building here and we were going to come a bit sooner to maybe expand on it… but there were just too many things going on with the previous landlord.”

Black Hole Records and Stray Cat will now be located in Fullerton’s SoCo District, 115 S. Harbor Blvd. within walking distance from its previous store.

Old location.
Black Hole Records and Stray Cat Vintage's old location. Photo credit: Anthony Robles

Although its previous location was larger and had its own legacy, this new location also contains history as prominent bands like Social Distortion and The Adolescents previously performing in its back parking lot.

“This new spot is more like the stores in England and back in Melrose and Hollywood in the ’80s and ’90s. They weren’t ginormous like our last warehouse,” Bill Evans said.

As far as any upcoming promotions, Bill Evans claims that he’s working on getting a band to play for the grand opening in October.

“We were going to have The Adolescents open but then their bass player just recently passed away,” Bill Evans said, “we’ll get someone to open the store sometime in October.”

As for what’s to become of their previous building, Bill Evans laughed in amusement and said “Now that it’s empty [and] huge it’ll probably just follow suit and become another bar maybe.”