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Electronic music conquers campus

The Electronic music ensemble presents Sound Clouds 6. Sound Cloud is a annual concert that serves as a fundraiser for the Music Department put on by the Electronic Students Ensemble.

These ensemble students have worked throughout the semester preparing for their upcoming show. The students have been practicing twice a week in the electronic music lab where they have all of the tools from computer software to the top of the line recording and mixing equipment to work with.

“It been really nice listening to all of the talent that these students process,” said Marvin Thompson, front man for punk rock group No Victor. “And the way they put together their program it gives me great honor just to be a part of this.”

Performances will be by video DJ Class Heroes, No Victor, DJ Daniel Baker, Boy Junior with DJ David Anthony, Jennifer Sulcer, Effin Gallo, Karina Lue.

All of these artists try to bring high energy every time they step foot on the stage. Ultimately this is a chance for these student to showcase their talent in front of an audience.

“When I am performing the crowd shows me so much love,” said Boy Junior. “I just figured I’d show a little love back with my music…Boy Junior is my name and rapping is my game. I want to give my fans, family and the students some good hip-hop music during my shows, because without them, there would be no Boy Junior.”

Boy Junior and Effin Gallo are former students of Fullerton College Electronic music program who have teamed up with present students Jennifer Sulcer and DJ David Anthony to come back and perform with their music.

“I am just happy to be a part of this” said Jennifer Sulcer

Sound Clouds is under the direction of Markus Burger. This will be the sixth show of the year.

“This concert give us something more to look forward to along with Greg Woll and the Cabana Boys as performing groups,” said Markus Burger. “These students are developing their talent and are ready to go we are looking into the future to have about four or five concerts a year with the Electronic Music Program.”

Last year’s show had keyboardist Scott Tibbs playing and showing an video called “Tron” which featured music playing alone with the Video. Now with the Campus Theater Projection upgrades it will provide more Video DJ’s an opportunity to display visual concepts while on up coming shows.

The show is scheduled for Monday in the Fullerton Campus Theater. Tickets are on sale now at the campus Ticket Box Office.

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