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The Electronic Music and Recording Production Program is under the Direction of Markus Burger and taught by Dana Parker, Scott Ragotskie and John Tomlinson who have all spent time working in the music business.

In his ninth year at Fullerton, Burger is a full time teacher and founder of the Electronic Student Music Ensemble. He also helps raise funds for the Electronic Music Department.

Burger credits the Dean of Fine Arts at Fullerton College, Mr. Robert Jensen, with creating the proper environment for growth through the electronic music programs at Fullerton College.

Fullerton now has the synthesizer lab, the recording mixing lab, the iPod listening lab, two baby grand pianos; one in the recital hall and one in the recording studio band room. With the extra music labs it can help accelerate the curriculum for music.

Burger explained that in 2005 when he began working at Fullerton they did not offer any specific music labs.

Fullerton College also offers a Recording Productions Certificate Program where students can take classes to gain the knowledge needed to work in the recording field.

Each semester over 150 students go through the recording production program and about 60 earn their certificate each semester.

“Students can get all the training they need in music. I take pride in my students by giving them the knowledge that they need to understand how music is made,” said Burger.

The electronic music department also hosts the Music Tech Expo which puts on workshops, hands-on clinics and displays of the latest hardware, software and trends in production, recording and performance in the music industry. Representatives from Ableton, Apple, Yamaha, Huebner Piano, SPL, Stenberg also attend.

“By incorporating the recording studio the Audient 8024 gives a tool to teach students in a professional studio manner on how to record and mix music all around we immediately solved the biggest challenge of teaching in a group setting,” said Scott Ragotskie,

Burger has the launched Diver City Records, a non-profit, college-based record label. He has founded and directed it with the mission of providing real-world, hands-on record label experience to students from diverse musical background.

Markus Burger is also a three time Grammy Nominees Jazz Pianist who has performed in Europe, the former Soviet Union, Africa, and most states in the U.S.

He began studying piano at the age of six and later earned a degree in performing arts from the Essen Folkwang School in Germany, He later earned his B.A. in Piano and Composition from the Maastricht University in the Netherlands and a Certification in Popular Music from the University of Hamburg, Germany.

He has released 15 albums featuring his own compositions and arrangements. His most recent release, “Accidental Tourists” was made with bassist Bob Magnusson and drummer Joe LaBarbera.

“Accidental Tourists” has received rave reviews from jazz critics. His other releases included “Spiritual Standards” and “Inside Outside,” with Berlin-based saxophonist Jan Von Klewitz, which made its debut during a nationally televised performance in Germany on New Year’s day in 2005.

“Spiritual Standards” is a collection of contemporary jazz improvisations inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach’s greatest chorales, and was performed at sold out venues in Germany, Poland, Italy and the United States, later moving to the top 20 in the German Jazz charts in 1999.

Burger has also ventured into the world of musical scoring for television and documentaries in the United States.

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