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New artwork takes over the Fine Arts building

The alumni art exhibit was put on as a part of the Centennial celebration and hoped to bring together Fullerton College artists from the past up to today.

“I wanted to display the work that I made while also getting to see old professors and other people that I went to school with,” said Scott Drake, artist and alum.

The art gallery was filled Saturday with different kinds of artworks including paintings, etchings, sculptures and even videos.

_MG_4994 copy.jpg
Artwork by Bob Miller.Photo credit: Christie Garcia

Drake, who had a raku temple jar on display, said his love for ceramics grew even more while he was a student here in the early 70s.

“I started out as a forestry major, but part of what made me change my major to art was the ceramics classes I took here,” Drake said. “I started doing more art classes from that point and ended up graduating from here with an AA in art.”

Victoria Hernandez, an art history major who had a main part in organizing this event, said that a good amount of thought went into what was placed along each wall and corner of the room.

Planning for this exhibit started about a year ago.

“We wanted it to be a display of a variety of work with each section having a different form of art by a different alumni or faculty member,” said Hernandez. “We also wanted to make sure to show how diverse our faculty and alumni have been for a 100 years.”

The gallery was buzzing the whole night as guests visited each piece while the artists reunited with their former peers and professors.

_MG_4989 copy.jpg
Photo credit: Christie Garcia

Jose Lozano, who had a couple of paintings in the exhibit, remembered the days in his art classes fondly.

Lozano is alumnus that, like Drake, attended Fullerton College in the early 70s and also spoke highly of the classes he took here.

“This was a really good school when I was going back then, especially because of the teachers. It doesn’t seem to change very much. I have fine memories of this place. Time goes by so fast, though,” said Lozano.

_MG_5002 copy.jpg
Photo credit: Christie Garcia

The Art Legends exhibit will continue to be open until the end of this month.

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