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A.S. elections change up

Associated Students hopes to make some successful changes to get a higher turnout for the upcoming elections.

This semester A.S. has been working more closely with the publicity committee to get the word out of for next month’s elections. Their continuing efforts will hopefully encourage more students to take the time to vote.

In past semesters, A.S. does not usually see too many students voting. Though the spring election is considered to be bigger than the one in the fall, the number of voters does not differ too much between semesters.

A.S. President Daniel Moldovan says he would like to see “a lot more publicity and advertising around campus” in order to increase that voter turnout.

“A.S. can always do a better job in regards to publicity,” Moldovan said. “That’s what we’re trying to do: Put it out there.”

A.S. is working to get more signs to be put around campus to catch attention. A few large posters are already hanging around the Quad hoping to attract student interest a couple of weeks early.

Moldovan, however, thinks that perhaps the reason why students aren’t voting goes further than not having enough advertising.

“It’s a transfer school,” the A.S. President said. “A lot of students don’t feel a connection with the campus.”

Many students echoed Moldovan’s thoughts while some also noted that FC being a community college is most likely a big factor to a low student interest.

“Students don’t take the time to get to know their campus,” student Winter Herrera said. “They just want to get in and out of school.”

Others expressed disappointment when hearing that enough students’ voices aren’t being heard.

“It’s unfortunate since it’s important to have a say in who runs our student government,” student Adrienne Dizon said.

A.S. would love to see their work pay off and not go unnoticed by students, who seem to also wish for a more popular election.

“I do think it would make a difference for people if there’s big things out there,” said Herrera. “That’ll catch people’s eyes.”

A.S., including the president, is staying positive and wishing for the best.

“Hopefully we have a good turnout this year,” said Moldovan. “I’m really hoping for that.”

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