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Because it’s not a burrito without papas

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Papas & Burritos the Mexican-American restaurant replaced Chicago Harv’s. Photo credit: Martin Becerra

Papas & Burritos is a Mexican-American restaurant that opened the first week of the spring semester. The restaurant replaced Chicago Harv’s which served hot dogs, burgers, fries and chicken bowls.

Papas & Burritos serves tacos, burritos, bowls and burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hours of operation are planned to be from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays.

The interior of the restaurant is nice and clean in their strive to draw in customers. Papas & Burritos roughly holds nine tables and twenty seats which may get very crowded on a busy day. There is no public restroom available inside the small joint.

A customer finds the Papas Locas to be finger licking good. Photo credit: Martin Becerra


Papas & Burritos does not cater to consumers who have simple tastes in food. When ordering, it might be wise to get your meal with everything that it comes with because a plain chicken burrito with just rice can be a little underwhelming.
The most plain of food eaters may want a little extra kick, which the ketchup and Tabasco offered at the place may not suffice.

It would help if they added chipotle tabasco, Sriracha, ranch or even barbeque to their list of condiments. These sauces can really pull a meal together and satisfy all types of customers.

Michael A. Riech, a customer who ordered fish tacos and Papas Locas was completely enthralled by his meal during his first visit.

Shrimp tacos topped with pico de gallo, cabbage, cheese, guacamole and sonora sauce. Photo credit: alene masse

“The tacos are filling and as someone who enjoys a good size portion of food, that says a lot,”

said Riech.

The fish tacos consist of cilantro-lime rice, black beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, cabbage, cheese and sonora sauce. The Papas Locas is an order of french-fries with guacamole, black beans, pico de gallo, nacho cheese and sour cream.

Papas Rancheras…just one of the many ways to order your french fries. Photo credit: alene masse

Papas & Burritos is reasonably priced at about the same amount as what one might pay at the campus cafeteria. Don’t expect dollar menu prices, but everything on the menu is under $10, which is reasonable priced for a college student’s budget.

The Papas & Burritos Menu. Photo credit: Jennifer Riech

The most expensive menu item consists of either steak or shrimp in a burrito or a bowl at $7. Any dish can be made into a combo for an additional $2.50.

For those of you looking for the occasional splurge and don’t want to walk or drive far from campus, the quality and portions may convince you to eat at Papas & Burritos.

The restaurant accepts all major credit cards as a form of payment but for orders under $8, expect a 50 cents transaction fee. Free WiFi is available and must be inquired within for more details and access.

Overall, the staff is friendly, eager to please and are willing to make your food to your specific preferences.

The Papas & Burritos employees making fresh food for the customers. Photo credit: Martin Becerra


Papas & Burritos is located at C-410 E. Chapman Ave., Fullerton, Calif.
You can contact them at
(714) 871-0491.

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