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Protest sparks debate over homosexuality

On Wednesday, April third; a crowd of people surrounded the quad area in front of the Cadena Center. An elderly Caucasian male, Paul Mitchell, held up a double sided sign. One side held the words, “Homosex is a God damned Sin,” and the opposite side, “Atheism is a God damned lie”.

Campus Police said that where he was standing is considered the free speech area of the campus, and he had signed up beforehand to protest there.

Mitchell is from Cornerstone Ministries International, a religious organization that assembles in the city of Norwalk.

In addition, when I tried to further inquire about his beliefs he handed me a card with a website titled,, also on the card are the statements, “The Church is in trouble! Our culture is in trouble! What are you doing about it? ” Once on the website, viewers are directed towards two links; one for Christians and one for non-Christians. The one for Christians talks about the “weak and anemic Christian lifestyle that surrounds today.” While the second link for non-Christians, directs viewers to a page full of scriptures intended to persuade a person towards Christianity.

Debate ensued all around Mitchell’s sign. All around people discussed their opinions on the subject. Many confronted Mitchell head on, expressing their disagreement. Amanda Joseph, a student against Mitchell’s stance, said, “It is not fair to say your belief is right and the billions of others are wrong, especially when, how you are raised is how you are inclined to think.”

Another student, Ashley Hill, expressed, “I am Christian myself and I don’t like the way he is approaching this.”

Whether Paul Mitchell is right or wrong, his presence on campus surely got students thinking and challenging each other’s beliefs on homosexuality.

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