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Is California’s higher education staying competitive within the needs of graduates?

While higher education is something that California wants every high school student to push towards, the system is not coordinated properly. California is one of two states that does not have a body of coordinators for its colleges and that could be counter productive for people who want to go to college and graduate as soon as they can.

This system would be helpful because it would help determine where to place the next colleges in the state. It wouldn’t matter if the state needed a new college or not. This would help the college to focus on the needs of the students depending on the careers in that area.

Considering that campuses are crowded and that it is hard to get classes in a University of California, it would really improve this program. The rate of degrees would go up because more students would be able to go to the classes they need in order to graduate faster.

This program would also help students who are not sure what they want to do. It would enable them to try out new things and it would be easier to find the right fit for them.

Transferring would be easier because if more universities were placed in the area, this would help the congestion of students.

“California has one of the finest systems of higher education in the world and we must do everything in our power to maintain and improve our state’s colleges and universities,” said John A. Pérez, Assembly Speaker. “This report shines an important light on the need to have a central body whose sole focus is guiding the Legislature, Governor and our three higher education segments as we plan and build for the future.”

This program seems to best help the degree rate go up in California. In a public 2 year college, the rate of graduating students is 25.3 percent in a 150 percent time in 2010 according to The Chronicle of Higher Education. At Fullerton College alone, the graduating rate is 24.7 percent.

This offer would help the students get a chance at the education they want and deserve. It would create more classes for students and the graduation rate would go up drastically.

There are many reasons why this program would be beneficial for California. The effects can be seen in other colleges that have already adapted this program. The colleges that have this program have a higher rate of graduates and the classrooms are a lot less congested. This program could help California colleges grow and expand the intake of students and have a higher rate of graduates.

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