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Taking Back Sunday is back at it again with original members reuniting to tour North America and to release album number six.

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Taking some time off to pose for the camera.

The album, “Happiness Is…” is scheduled to be released on March 18 through their new music label, Hopeless Records. The Hornet interviewed Taking Back Sunday’s bassist, Shaun Cooper for a quick insight on what to expect for TBS in their upcoming Los Angeles shows on March 19 and 27, their new album and what to expect for TBS and their fans in 2014.

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Hornet: What can fans expect from the new album?

Cooper: It’s pretty diverse, more laid back with super catchy poppy songs. John [Nolan, lead guitarist] and Adam [Lazzara, lead vocals] opened up. It’s very personal and less vague. They were comfortable in writing and expressing themselves where lots of people will be able to relate.

Hornet: Why is the song, “Flicker, Fade” chosen as the first song to be released off the new album?

Cooper: We just really liked it. It starts off heavy and the chorus is catchy. It’s a great representation of the record.

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Hornet: Why was “Happiness Is…” chosen as the title of the album?

Cooper: We’re happy, that’s it. There’s no deep, dark answer. Adam came up with it. We’re always moving forward and trying to make better songs. [This album] is the best collection we’ve ever written.

Hornet: What is happiness to you/what makes you happy?

Cooper: Being a father. I have a little boy and spending time with him and my wife, making good music and working out.

Happiness Is Promo 1 Credit Natalie Escobedo.jpg
Taking Back Sunday, original members back together again.

Hornet: You sold out the show on March 27 at The Hollywood Palladium in less than three days, was that expected?

Cooper: I didn’t know what to expect. People are really excited. I won’t lie, I was relieved. We just never know what to expect and never know if people are still listening. It’s kind of an ego thing, hoping that people still come out and that people are buying tickets.

Hornet: Is there one particular album that TBS will be playing a lot of the songs from or will it be a lot of songs off the new album?

Cooper: We’re gonna work in new ones but we want people to go home happy. It’ll be a little bit of everything for everybody.

Hornet: What can be expected from TBS for 2014 and so on?

Cooper: A hell of a lot of touring. We’re excited to come out and want to hit the road and tour. We want to play for everyone. This was a collective effort and we want the wheels to fall off. When we’re tired of touring, we’ll make another record.

Hornet: Is there anything you’d like your fans to know?

Cooper: Anyone who hasn’t heard of us should because everyone will enjoy it; everyone in the whole world. Bring your grandpa to the show!

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Taking Back Sunday is co-headling with The Used at The Hollywood Palladium on March 19 and 27. Tickets can be found at

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