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Piano ensemble festival concert

The Annual Piano Ensemble Festival is a one day event where piano teams of all ages and levels come together in a friendly competitive environment.

Nerves ran high amongst family and friends of the performers
for the Annual Piano Ensemble Concert Feb.15.

“Playing the piano is good for coordination, it teaches my girls discipline. They were encouraged to play at first by their father and I, but they’ve grown to appreciate the reasons behind our decision to get them playing in the first place. Winning is definitely the goal,” said Vicky Luu, mother of Grace and Rose Bui-Luu.

Festival auditions took place during the day and concluded with a concert at the Campus Theatre.

participants waiting anxiously to perform.

The festival offered an opportunity for pianists to network and share the love of music with one another, according to Monica Lee, chair of the Annual Piano Ensemble Festival.

“This is an opportunity to perform with other musicians. It is something they enjoy and they will continue to enjoy for the rest of their lives, even if they do not make it professionally. It is great to see the members of their families here supporting them,” said Ken Iisaka.

“It is definitely a plus seeing all these young people. They have an appreciation for the arts,” said Yvonne Liu.

Iisaka and Liu have been playing the piano for over 30 years and continue to teach private lessons in San Francisco, Calif.

One winner was chosen out of each of the five categories. Every participant left with a small trophy and the winners received a gift card to various music stores.

Winners of the night

The winners for the early intermediate category was Michelle Hoang and Fiona Loan Vo. In the intermediate, the winners were Brendan Wang and Andrew Chen. The late intermediate winners were Sara and Katrina Tran. In the multiple category Jessica Nguyen, Eric Phan, Jade Hoang, and Andrew Luu. In the collegiate level the winners were Tedman Ngyen and Jillvie Nguyen.

Lee gave a special thank you to Robert Jensen, dean of the fine arts division.

“He is very active in making this event happen,” Lee said. “We make every effort to keep this going. Music stores and the communities also help us.”

Next year marks the 20th Annual Piano Ensemble, which will take place on Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015.

“We are already planning,” Lee said. “We have many surprises in store for the next year’s event! We will have special performances from very talented individuals who are well known in the music community, especially within the piano group. Everyone will just have to wait and see!”

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