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“O beautiful, for spacious skies”

Coca-Cola aired a very controversial commercial during Super Bowl XLVIII, displaying people singing America the Beautiful in numerous foreign languages.

The music video caused an uproar on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, causing sites like BuzzFeed and the rest of America to question if the comments were jokes or if America is still living in the past.

Some of the comments likened Coca-Cola to communists, calling them unpatriotic. Many said that they were now switching to Coke’s competitor, Pepsi-Cola.

It was a beautifully done commercial and the singing was in-tune. It doesn’t make sense why people were so offended by it, but people will get offended by just about anything these days, it seems.

America is beautiful because of all the people that reside in this country.

If it wasn’t for all those of various cultural backgrounds that migrated to America, there wouldn’t be such a wide range of amazing food, clothes or people. It’s our differences that makes us unique and it’s no wonder why so many people dream of coming to America.

America is hope. It gives people a sense of belonging and many people from different countries strive to make their way over here in order to live a better life.

There are bigger, more important things in the world to focus on than a commercial that showed the beauty of what America is comprised of.

It’s ridiculous how racism is still so deeply ingrained within some people that they get so wrapped up in their own lives and believe they’re so much better than someone else.

It’s the 21st century and many of us are acting like the uneducated generations before us. Many great people before us tried and died fighting for the cause of equal rights and at times it seems as though that effort has gone to waste. Hopefully this video spreads like wildfire and people will realize what it’s really trying to show us and realize their own ignorance.

You can check out some of the outraged reactions to the Coca-Cola commercial here:
and the video itself on Coca-Cola’s YouTube channel, here:

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