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Foundation Wants To Help You Take Their Money

Originally written for publishing on April 4, 2013.

The Fullerton College Foundation is working to ensure that every scholarship dollar available finds a worthy student to receive it. The Foundation feels the need more quality applications from the student body. They are holding application workshops around campus, to make sure that everyone who has the desire to apply also has the know how to do so.

On Wednesday, Lindsey Gatica, the Foundation’s office manager, met with about 20 students on the second floor of the library to go over each step of the application. The workshop lasted about two hours and Gatica stayed until every last question the students had was answered.

“I think she did a really good job and it was very, very clear what they wanted and [she gave] some tips about what the personal statement should have,” said student Luis Frias.

Gatica feels that there are many students who would be deserving of scholarships from the foundation but do not apply. She thinks some students get discouraged from applying because they do not know how to fill out the application, while others may not feel comfortable with the essay portion.

“If we don’t get quality applications, then we’re just handing out the money because we have to, not really because somebody deserves it,” Gatica said.

The questions that tripped up most students at the workshop related to what is counted for GPA and units in their major. These are things that are not calculated on student transcripts and many were unsure what was to be included. While others were there to pick up tips on how to make their application more attractive.

“I thought it went really well, I got some insight on the stuff they look for for the foundation,” said attendee Ryan Beamsley.

Still for all the updates that the Foundation has made to make the application more user friendly there were a few points that might have tripped up some students if not for some instruction.

“I feel like I shouldn’t make any mistakes, but there were a few things she went over that I would have made mistakes on my own,” said student Kristen Jacob. “I would have pressed finished thinking there’s another page but really you’re submitting, so I would have had an incomplete application.”

The Foundation has been pleased so far with the turnout by students and thinks these workshops will ultimately help find more worthy recipients of Fullerton College scholarships.

“People were actually able to get effective feedback that they can put into their application,” said Gaitca. “I don’t necessarily think its enhancing the amount of applications but definitely the quality of applications.”

The application deadline for scholarships is approaching at the end of this month. The next application workshop will be held Thursday, April 18 at 2 p.m. in room 611. If you are a good student who is involved in your community the Foundation wants your application. They realize someone is going to get awarded scholarships, but you might just be the person they are looking for.

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