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Health Center provides ample resources

In order to enroll for FC, you must pay a health fee. This fee covers a number of health services, from first aid, hearing and vision screening, to six counseling sessions with a licensed psychologist.

Additional services such as immunizations, birth control and other medications and in-depth physical exams are also available for a small fee.

Many students do not know that the Health Center can even perform lab work on campus ordered by a student’s primary care physician outside of school. Students are encouraged to stop by for minor everyday problems such as a headache, cramps, an upset stomach, to receive over-the-counter pain medication.

The Health Center provides privacy for students, as well as a friendly environment. Every service offered is completely confidential, ensuring students that they do not need to worry about the scrutiny of their parents or other prying eyes.

According to Dr. Vanessa Miller, director of health services, a survey in 2013 indicated that only about 45 percent of students are aware of these services.

A possible reason for the lack of knowledge about these services is that Fullerton College is constantly getting new students. The health services must constantly make an effort to inform the student body.

Kaylee Gieser, a photography major, admitted she is one of the many students who do not take advantage of health services.

“I’ve never been to the Health Center,” said Gieser. “I honestly don’t even know where it is.”

Angela Presentadi also admitted that she does not use the services offered. However, she said she is aware of the services because she recently just started coming to Fullerton College after attending Cal Poly Pomona.

“I know from going to Cal Poly about the services,” Presentadi said. “If you got sick, you could go the Health Center. You could get x-rays, medication or whatever you needed instead of going to the doctor.”

Similarly, engineering major Armando Plascencia said he doesn’t know much about Health Services.

“I have to assume that they kind of do what most college health centers do, like give out condoms or give flu shots,” Plascencia said. “I feel like I should be using it, especially because I’m paying for it. ButI’m not really sure what I could get out of it.”

Miller mentioned that they also perform classroom presentations at the invitation of the instructor in order to inform students. So far this semester, they have done at least 35 presentations.

The push to get the word out about these services can also be seen at special events around campus, such as the upcoming Spring Fair in April. Health services staff will have a table out on the Quad passing out flyers and distributing information.

Despite the push to get the word out, the Health Center is very busy on a daily basis.

“Between Aug. 26 and Feb. 20, we have booked over 3,000 appointments,” Miller said.

Perhaps, the busiest members of the health services staff are the personal counselors, who are completely booked every day with student appointments.

The services are indeed being used, but only by the small percentage of students who are aware.

“That’s definitely enough to keep us busy, but again, it’s less than 50 percent of students who pay for the services,” Miller added. “I guess it’s one of those situations where you have to say ‘be careful what you wish for’ because we are extremely busy here with seeing less than half of the students.”

Appointments for the Health Center can be made by phone at (714) 992-7094.

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