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10 questions with Kelsey Smith

Kelsey Smith is a middle blocker/right side hitter for the Fullerton College volleyball team. She finished her freshman season with 68 kills and 92 points. Smith also played a key role on the indoor team that made it all the way to the second round of the CCCAA playoffs. Currently, she is playing for the FC sand volleyball club that is looking to get recognition as an official intercollegiate sport.

Hornet: What is your major and why?
Smith: English. I love words and grammar more than life itself.

Hornet: What is your ultimate career goal?

Smith: I want to be an English teacher or professor and continue to contribute to newspaper publications on the side.

Hornet: Outside of volleyball what are you passionate about?
Smith: Whales, dance and writing.

Hornet: when did you start playing volleyball?
Smith: I started playing when I was 14. Volleyball gave me a new found confidence in my height, and I fell in love with the game.

Hornet: Did you ever play other sports?

Smith: I danced the majority of my life, and played basketball, soccer and softball for a few years. But then I found volleyball and it was love at first play.

Hornet: What’s your favorite FC volleyball memory?
Smith: In the middle of our season, our team was experiencing some adversity. So much so that our coach even walked out on one of our practices in frustration. We immediately came together as a team, in an attempt to motivate each other and re-focus. The next day we went on to take a set away from the dominating team in the league (IVC).

Kelsey Smith goes up for a slam in the Fullerton College volleyball gym. Courtesy of Sean A. Morse.


Hornet: What are your plans after FC?

Smith: I plan to transfer to a four year university where I will play volleyball and continue my education.

Hornet: Who are your biggest heroes/ inspirations in life?

Smith: My mom is my ultimate example. She inspires me everyday with her compassion and selflessness. Karch Kiraly, the man who revolutionized the game of beach volleyball, is also a big inspiration to me and I had the pleasure of meeting him last year during one of our beach tournaments at Golden West College.

Hornet:What is one cool thing about you that people would never be able to guess by looking at you?

Smith: People are usually initially intimidated by my height but there’s really nothing intimidating about me. I would never hurt a fly. And I love whales.

Hornet: If you could sit down and have dinner with any three people, who would they be and why?

Smith: John Lennon because I’m a diehard Beatles fan. Michael Jordan, because I want to be Like Mike. And Morgan Freeman so I could just listen to him talk while I eat.


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