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Fortnite x Avengers End Game Limited Time Mode

Upon the release of Avengers: Endgame, Epic Games and Marvel Entertainment joined forces once again in Fortnite with a new limited time mode called End Game. Starting April 25th through May 6th, players were able to purchase the skins of Black Widow and Starlord, Marvel Related items.

The limited time mode had two teams of 20 battling on the Fortnite map as players are either Thanos and his army of Chitauri soldiers or the Avengers using their iconic weapons.

Players on the Avengers side dropped from the battle bus are were given a treasure map to follow where their Avengers weapon is located. The weapons featured on the Avengers’ side were:

Iron Man’s Repulsors which allowed players to hover around the map with an auto-locking targeting mechanic to pick off enemies.

Thor’s Stormbreaker ax that could be thrown and came back to the player as well as giving the player the ability to jump in the air and slam down on opponents.

Hawkeye’s bow that had a grappling hook feature and explosive arrows to shoot from long range at enemy targets.

Captain America’s shield not allow was throwable it blocked enemies shots to prevent damage and gave players a faster running speed and a higher jump.

Iron Man's Repulsors
Iron Man's Repulsors allows players to hover over the battlefield. Photo credit: Anthony Carrera

Although the Avengers team was well equipped Thanos’ team is worked together to collect the infinity stones as the stones dropped on the map randomly. As the Chitauri players have two weapons one was a laser rifle and the other a rocket launcher. The Chitauri were also equipped with a jetpack to help avoid the Avengers’ attacks.

Once a Chitauri player collected an infinity stone, the player would then be transformed into Thanos and use the power of the Infinity Gauntlet to help the Chitauri collect the rest of the stones.

To balance the gameplay the Chitauri were given a 99 limit of respawns to capture all six infinity stones with each stone making the Chitauri more powerful as the stones were collected. Once all 99 lives were exhausted players would no longer be able to respawn and the Avengers team would win. As for The Avengers team once the Chitauri gathered all the stones the Avengers were no longer able to respawn.

The game mode was not everything Fortnite and Marvel offered fans also limited time rare items in the item shop such as skins, gliders, and pickaxes. These items were available to purchase using V-bucks, which is the virtual currency that is purchased with real money.


Black Widow outfit (1,500 V-bucks)

Star-Lord outfit (1,500 V-bucks)

Black Widow in the item shop
Black Widow themed items available in the item shop to purchase. (Epic Games) Photo credit: Anthony Carrera

Pick Axe:

Widow’s Bite (800 V-bucks)

Guardian Axe (500 V-bucks)


Widow’s Pirouette (200 V-bucks)

Dance Off (500 V-bucks)


The Milano (1,200 V-bucks)

Thanos Fortnite
Thanos joins the battle to defeat the Avengers (Epic Games) Photo credit: Anthony Carrera

Not all Avengers related items were locked behind a paywall. Epic Games had dedicated challenges for the End Game limited time mode with each challenge unlocking emotes and sprays to show off in the game. Once all challenges were completed players were awarded a glider, which was the Avengers Quinjet.

As season 8 wraps up, the popularity of Fortnite surges into the mainstream and Epic Games continues to exceed expectations from fans around the world. Season 9 begins on May 9, 2019, and fans will have to wait for the upcoming surprises Epic Games has in store.