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‘Noises Off’ hits Fullerton College

Noises off playbill.jpg

The Theatre Department is bringing a farce to Fullerton College with its production of “Noises Off.”

Due to its unusual short time period, the rehearsal for Fullerton College theatre department’s newest play, “Noises Off” has become a very exhilarated process that has director Chuck Ketter and the cast working hard.

“It’s a uniquely challenging project Normally we would have seven weeks to work on a show, but this year we only have five,” Ketter said. “That’s just how the calendar fell.”

Normally Ketter would be focusing on one play during the semester but due to Gary Krinke’s retirement, Ketter has been directing both “Noises Off” and the upcoming “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot.”

“Chuck is amazing, he has gotten so much work done, it’s a very professional work environment,” said Kailey Stewart, stage manager.

“Noises Off” is a play within a play, a farce on “Nothing On.” Nothing On is the type of play where many people are klutz, old men are dropping their trousers and doors are continually banging. Much of the comedy is shown through subtle character flaws, both on and off stage.

“It’s a very complex high-style comedy show. When I began the auditions, I told the students I would probably cast students that I’ve worked with due to the short rehearsal period,” Ketter said. “In reality I haven’t worked with half of them, they just impressed me that much at auditions.”

“Noises Off” will be performed at the Fullerton College Theatre from March 6-8 and on March 13. Students can purchase tickets at the Fullerton College box office. Tickets are $12.50 pre-sale and $15 at the door.

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