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The Italian burrito falls short

Burrissimo, an Italian restaurant in Brea, is just the place for Italian food that hits the spot and won’t make you rush to go to the gym but maybe rush to get to your car before it expires in the 30 minute parking zone.

Upon opening the double doors of Burrissimo the customer may find themselves inhaling a beautiful aroma that will cause their stomach to grumble in anticipation.

The restaurant offers a friendly customer service and the ordering process could be related to that of a Chipotle or Subway.

The choices are a salad, pasta, pizza or a Burrissimo other known as an Italian burrito. Each entrée is $7.49 and the customer has the option of putting in a ‘protein’ either salmon, chicken or steak in any of their choices. However, the pasta ‘protein’ consists of an added ‘protein’ of meatballs if the customer so chooses.

Since most college students are on a tight budget, it may be pleasing to hear that the restaurant offers garlic knots for $1.99.

A penne pasta bowl topped with meatballs and smothered in marinara sauce may not be as tasty as the aroma that greeted the customer on their way in but in fact it’s quite bland. Some of the vegetables in the pasta were too big and should’ve been cut into smaller pieces. The positive side of the meal was that the food was light unlike any other Italian dish and doesn’t leave the customer feeling bloated.

The garlic knotts look delicious and the scent they give off seems like the perfect combination of garlic and butter. However do not be deceived by the appearance as it is everything but delicious. The bread was the only thing that was mediocre, it was light and airy. The garlic knots were overly greasy and had little flavor. The marinara sauce that was served on the side, was watery and lacked flavor.

The food of Burrissimo overall is just a little below average the only benefit is not feeling overly stuffed. It isn’t spectacular and eating here will not change a persons life.

Burrissimo is located at 103 W. Imperial Hwy. in Brea.


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