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Andrew Yang rally takes LA by storm

Democratic presidential runner and entrepreneur Andrew Yang, hosted a rally at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles on Monday, Sept. 30.

Los Angeles welcomed Yang with a large crowd of supporters and volunteers. He was introduced on to the stage with cheers from his supporters deemed, “The Yang Gang.”

Posters with Yang’s face on the dollar bill were held up in support of his new “Democracy Dollars” and “Freedom Dividend” plans.

The “Democracy Dollars” plan will give every American $100 to use towards a donation to the campaign of their choice in an attempt to help compete against mega donors.

Yang spoke at a campaign rally in Los Angeles Monday, Sept. 30. Photo credit: Jose Vazquez

The “Freedom Dividend” plan will pay every American over the age of 18, $1,000 a month. Yang stated that his goal with this universal basic income plan is to grow the economy, labor force, end poverty and combat the AI revolution that is taking jobs from Americans. Yang’s ideas are for the people.

“We know how to spend it and we are going to spend it on the things that make our lives better. Day care, car repairs, school loans, little league signups, making art. We know how to solve our own problems than any other politician and any government program,” Yang said.

The crowd also held up signs with Yang’s new slogan M.A.T.H. The Make America Think Again slogan rivals President Trump’s, Make America Great Again (MAGA), from his 2016 campaign. Yang stated that he uses M.A.T.H. to simplify the excuses and reasons for America’s problems and to get to the root of them.

Andrew Yang's M.A.T.H slogan presented while he talks to the people of Los Angeles. Photo credit: Jose Vazquez

During his speech at the rally, Yang spoke on the fourth Industrial Revolution with M.A.T.H.

Looking at the numbers Yang stated, the math says clear as day that there’s a stream line up between the adoption of industrial automation.

“The movement towards Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and we automated away 4 million jobs mainly in those states. That is why Donald Trump is our president today. We are in the midst of what experts are calling the fourth Industrial Revolution,” he said.

Yang also addressed job lose and stores closing because of automation. He asked the crowd, “Why are those stores closing?” They audience replied with “Amazon.” The crowd would answer every single question right according to Yang. This is because he is giving the people honest answers to our countries problems, gaining the trust of the people and informing the misinformed.

Andrew Yang signing autographs
Andrew Yang signs autographs at campaingn rally at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, California. Photo credit: Jose Vazquez

Volunteer Nate Reti explained the unemployment rate is drastically underestimated. The way that the unemployment rate is measured is that it only counts people who are actively looking for work. The numbers can be three times more than the 3% that is stated because many are not counted in.

“A lot of staple jobs are going to start disappearing. We have already seen this in manufacturing. There has been a marginal recovery under Trump, but this country’s manufacturing prowess is never going to come back,” Reti said.

His compassionate and respectful energy was expressed throughout the event. Yang stayed after the event to sign autographs and take selfies with fans. Yang’s popularity has risen landing him currently seventh in the democratic polls, with Joe Biden winning the race.

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Jose Vazquez, Staff Photographer
Jose Vazquez is a returning staff photographer for The Hornet. Jose wants to tell people's stories and cover points of interest in our culture's conflicts, politics, history, and the obscure. His focus currently is on the emerging music and art scene in Southern California. Jose is currently studying at Fullerton College where he is working towards a bachelor’s degree in photography and journalism. He also volunteers at a nonprofit art house movie theatre in Santa Ana, the historic Frida Theatre. In his free time, he creates videos on his YouTube channel and plays drums in a garage gaze band called Black Star Meadow.