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Opinion: Mars Colonists Wanted

There is a saying, more is known about outer space than the oceans on Mother Earth. The real question for those that live by that saying is, how much is actually known about the solar system and neighboring planets ?

Right behind the lovely blue planet lies another, which the ancient Romans called the God of war. The red planet, better known as Mars has the attention of Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla.

Musk, has a vision of going to Mars and colonizing there as a human race. He plans on doing this with his aerospace company, Space Exploration Technologies Corp. or SpaceX for short.

Before launching people onto another planet, Musk’s first step will be focusing on getting cargo landers on Mars by 2022. When the idea was pitched Musk avoided question on how the cargo will land on Mars, its not known how the cargo will land.

By 2024, in the next five years two rockets will be crewed and launched to the red planet to start the colonization and thats if the people of Earth can inhabit the God of war, where no man or women has stepped on.

The idea Musk has is bold, but the focus should be on home, Earth. If humans are too busy focusing on other neighboring planets, they will forget about the lovely blue one. Earth is the only planet that people can live and survive on, advancements and investments should be made here first.

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Exploration of Earth’s oceans should be made because only 5% have been explored, and 70% of the planet is a body of water. More mapping of outer space is known more than the mapping of Earths body.

Exploration of the deep blue can led to discoveries which can create new technologies for advancements for Earth. A high tech device like the submersible, which helps deep sea explores face the challenges.

A scuba diver exploring the deep blue sea can only go so for because of conditions underwater, such as utter darkness, very cold temperatures and crushing pressure.The submersible can solve all these issues that a deep sea explores faces.

This will be a new chapter for colonization and a new definition as well; that is if Musk’s plan works. Musk plans to place one million humans on Mars within the next 40 to 100 years. The new spacecraft, the Starship, will cost anywhere from $2 billion to $10 billion.

Its a big risk that Musk wants to take to send humans to colonize in a place where no human has been, it also might even be a huge waist of money and resources if his plan fails. The billions of dollars that are on the line, could be used to invest in bettering our planet in reusable energy, better public transportation and even going all green to sustain Earth.

Humans have always colonized in new lands and survived the unknown. History usually tells what happens when colonization takes place in new lands. However Musk’s vision for the future dose not have enough convincing evidence. At the moment Musk should focus on creating history here on Earth, the planet he lives on, because his ideas and investments are needed more on Earth rather than another planet.