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A sweet twist

“FUN. SEXY. GOURMET,” is what owners of Hapa Cupcakes, Hanayo Martin and Akemie Lee had in mind when describing their approach when they decided to start up their own cupcake business.

The two life-long friends bring their own special twist to cupcakes by infusing them with alcohol. They wanted to make cupcakes that would stand out from other businesses by bringing something new, different and exciting.

Chalkboard sign on Ameriage Ave. directing customers to sweet treats. Photo credit: Shirlene Vasquez

“The words ‘alcohol infused’ gets people’s attention,” said Anna De Anda, cake decorator for Hapa Cupcakes.

That is the reason Sara Lopez, a resident of Bellflower, made the drive to Hapa Cupcakes.

“A friend told me about this place and I wanted to try the alcohol ones,” Lopez said.

Each cupcake has its own unique personality and name. Martin and Lee take pride on the play on words to name each one.

The chocolate whiskey, “Gonna Get Lucky Tonight” and the coconut rum, “Coconuts About You” are among the fun, alcohol infused cupcakes sold at Hapa Cupcakes.

“Strawberries and Champagne” is a top hit among customers according to De Anda who also works the front register.

The cupcakes can be enjoyed by all ages.

“Since most of the alcohol burns off in the baking process, the infused cupcakes have the taste of alcohol without the effects,” Lee said.

Hapa Cupcakes also sells a variety of gourmet cupcakes without the alcohol, including the birthday vanilla, “Blow My Birthday Candle,” the chocolate Oreo, “My Cookies Make You Cream,” and the vanilla raspberry, “Berry Seductive.”

Not only are they beautifully decorated; the cupcakes are delicious.

The cupcakes are as unique as the owners themselves, who named their business after the urban word, Hapa, which is used to refer to a person of half Asian and half Caucasian descent as both of them have Japanese and Caucasian parents.

Lee and Martin keep it fun and fresh by featuring a special cupcake every month. A green version of the classic red velvet is featured for March in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Photo credit: Shirlene Vasquez

Lee mentioned plans for gluten-free cupcakes in the near future.

Also in the works are benches at the storefront for customers to sit and enjoy their cupcakes.

Hanayo Martin and Akemi Lee started their business in late 2011 and have been featured in The Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.” Photo credit: Shirlene Vasquez

Martin and Lee started their business in late 2011 and have been featured in The Food Network’s, “Cupcake Wars.”

Hapa Cupcakes can be followed via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Hapa Cupcakes moved to its Downtown Fullerton location on January 25th leaving its previous commercial spot in Anaheim, which is still used as the main bakery.

It is located at 105 W. Amerige Ave and is open Monday- Saturday 11am-8pm.

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