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Harry Styles releases new song ‘Lights Up’ can fans anticipate more to come?

Harry Styles is showing his Sign of the Times by dropping a new song called, “Lights Up.” Styles is showing more of a different side to himself throughout the light edged song. Styles brings sex appeal, fashion and self- reflection to the fore front in his video for the song and video out now.

In 2010, Harry Styles joined the UK television show, “The X-Factor.” Styles was then put into a group called, One Direction. The group made it all the way to 3rd place.

In 2016, the band decided to take a long deserved hiatus.

That following year Styles decided to partner with Jefferey Azoff’s “Full Stop Management” team. The pop star then formed his own record label called, “Erskine Records” which resulted in Styles signing a contract with Columbia Records. This was the beginning of Styles first solo material as a solo artist.

Embed from Getty Images

Styles then set off to make his first solo material as a solo artist.

Before Styles released his solo record, he starred in his first movie with director/ producer of the World War II film “Dunkirk,” which was released in July of 2017. Styles played a young soldier named, “Alex.”

“Sign of the Times”:

Styles rocked the world by releasing his first single, “Sign of the Times” on April 7, 2017 which went to the No.4 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Styles then released the music video for the song on May 8th of that year.

In that same month, the singer performed his first solo performance for the first time in his homeland on The Graham Norton Show, in the UK.

From there he then released his self- titled record, “Harry Styles” in May of that year.

Styles then began his arena tour called, the Harry Styles Live On Tour, he was on the road from September of 2017 to ending his tour in Inglewood, California, at The Forum on July 14, 2018.

“Lights Up”:

Harry Styles fans across the globe were surprised on October 10, 2019 when Styles released a new song and music video called, “Light’s Up.” The song scored the number one trending song in the U.K. as confirmed by Official Charts.

Styles new release comes after two years of being on a break from the music world.

The former One Direction star brings his true self and with a touch of sex appeal to his newly released single.

Prior to releasing his music video, Styles randomly tweeted out the word, “Do” on Saturday, Oct. 5, leaving fans to question what the pop star was up to.

Harry Lambert, Styles’ stylist posted a mysterious tweet and photo of a poster plastered to a city wall with the quote ”Do You Know Who You Are?”

Harry Styles Tweets Do Photo credit:

Fans began tweeting #DoYouKnowWhoYouAre which started trending on Twitter and Lambert’s tweet was then deleted from his account.

Posters were scattered across the world with the quote in many cities across the world including London, New York and Paris.

On Thursday, Oct.10, Styles and his team then released via his Instagram stories an black and white colored photo of the words, “Do You Know Who You Are?”

During the day, a website came out which was named, , where his fans could go on to the website and type in their name to see who they are from Harry’s point of view.

Then by 8:05 pm Styles tweeted a simple photo of himself in a Gucci ensemble with his head against the wall, and he seems to be a bit oily or wet from the looks of the photo.

As 8:30 p.m. approached the singer then tweeted out another photo, but this time it was a photo of the words, “Lights Up.”

IMG-0735 (3).jpg
Harry Styles Tweets photo of Lights Up Photo credit:

“Lights Up” Music Video:

Youtube had already placed his video on a count down to be released on Thursday, Oct. 10, at 9:01 p.m. At this moment and time after being out of the spotlight for two years, Styles came back to step back into the light.

As the video starts it shows a shirtless Styles partially naked surrounded by both women and men. Styles and the people he is with are oiled or wet from sweat from dancing the night away.

The video goes from Styles wearing a custom two piece silk suit to him riding into the night on the back of a motorcycle. He seems free spirited and ready for a new adventure.

The video then goes to B-roll of Styles being fully dressed in a Gucci suit in a body of water where the sand meets the water.

During the video Styles seems to be a little confused as he looks at himself in a mirror in a house alone. Possibly doing some self reflecting of his own.

Styles is wearing a custom Gucci metallic shirt and pants (trouser braces) with feline details designed by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele.

Harry Styles wears a custom Gucci metallic shirt by Alessandro Michele in a his new music video for "Lights Up." Photo credit: & instagram

As he’s sitting in the water at night he sings, “All the lights couldn’t put out the dark/ runnin through my heart/ lights up and they know who you are/ do you know who you are?”…

At 2:23 it shows Styles’s cheeky side when he looks into the camera and innocently sticks his tongue out.

When Styles is shown back on the motorcycle, he seems to be running into the authorities, which breaks up the video to him and his friends being caught by the police.

The video is only 2 minutes 55 seconds which is shorter than his first hit single “Sign of the Times,” which is 5 minutes 42 seconds long from two years ago.

After being away from his fans for two years, Styles sort of has some pressure coming back into the fast lane and kind of proving to his fans and to society that everyone can be kind and love on one another no matter where you come from.

Since Styles isn’t known to showcase his life in the public eye, it seems like he’s got plenty to talk about when he releases his second album, which is yet to be announced.

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