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Arizona’s discriminatory law gets vetoed

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer recently vetoed a bill that would have allowed business owners to refuse services to gay and lesbian individuals as well as same-sex couples because of their own religious standings. Arizona has put a new, prejudiced spin on the classic, “no shirt, no shoes, no service.”

Currently, there are 17 states that allow same-sex marriage in the U.S. with many more on the brink of marriage equality. Arizona, however, is not one of them.

In fact, Arizona is one of the few states that has no discrimination laws and allows discrimination against gays and lesbians in several facets of life.

The passing of the bill would have done nothing but set America’s progress for equality back its old days.

Who are we to say what’s right and what’s wrong? Who are we to judge who other people love and deny them their basic human rights because of it?

Years ago, up until as recently as 1967, those of different ethnic backgrounds weren’t allowed to marry each other until it was later deemed unethical and the laws were changed based on said rulings.

Regardless of whether or not certain people agree; gays and lesbians are a minority group, much like people of color, and face many of the same issues.

Members of the LGBT community should be able to walk into their local convenience store and buy what they need without being turned away based on who they are and who they love. Despite what many might say, is not a choice.

If they could change their preferences so they didn’t have to deal with the ignorance and abuse of those who refuse to see beyond their own narrow and discriminatory views, they probably would.

While this is a step towards equality for Arizona, the fight is far from over. Unfortunately, the struggle for same-sex marriage throughout America won’t be an easy one.

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