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A.S. picks up the pieces

Less than six months removed from the ousting of Associated Student President John Ahn, the rest of the student government has had to adjust to new roles and added responsibilities.

“It’s a ton of work and a lot of pressure but it’s enjoyable,” said Joey Victor, current A.S. president.

After Ahn was removed from office for allegedly harassing an A.S. Senator, Vice President Joey Victor took over as the new A.S. President last semester.

“I had to learn what my job was and which committees I had time for. I had to discover the limits on the power I had,” Victor said.

Once Victor became A.S. president, Joshua Kleinbergs took Victor’s old position as A.S. vice president.

“It was an honor to take that position. Ahn was abusing his powers and there wasn’t a lot of returning senators so I thought it would be a good role to take and I have the expereience,” said Kleinbergs.

Because of Ahn’s actions, A.S. had to enforce their policies in Senate.

“Both Joey and Darlene Jensen helped me prepare for the vice president position, we were able to have events done on time. Everything ran smoothly,” Kleinbergs said.

A.S. is well known for helping co-sponsor school events such as, Walk in Her Shoes and this year, A.S. will also be playing a role in Kindercaminata, an event that brings Kindergardeners to FC.

However, many of the senators struggled to finish the goals they had set for this semester.

“The A.S. executives have their own goals to work on,” said Wayne Bergman, A.S. Senator. “They want to ensure A.S. is going to have a successful semester.”

In April, the spring elections for new A.S. president, vice president, treasurer and inter club council trustee will take place on the Quad.

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