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Movie Review: ‘Midway’ is memorable despite the shallow character development

“Midway” from Lionsgate, directed by Roland Emmerich had a successful debut topping the box office charts at number 1. The film outsold Warner Bros. recently released “Doctor Sleep” by $1.1 million this Veterans Day weekend.

The cast was stacked with talented stars such as Woody Harrelson as Admiral Chester Nimitz, Nick Jonas as Aviation Machinist Bruno Gaido, Aaron Eckhart as General Jimmy Doolittle, Ed Skrein as Lt. Commander Dick Best, Mandy Moore as Dick’s wife Anne and many others.

This star packed cast delivered an intriguing performance that displayed the different range of emotions felt by Americans during the outbreak of World War II.

Aaron Eckhart stars as General James "Jimmy" Doolittle who historically lead the first successful bombing mission of Tokyo Photo credit: Lionsgate

The film is set in the early years of the war when an isolationist and unsuspecting United States is ruthlessly attacked by the Empire of Japan on Dec. 7, 1941 in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

The story of the Battle of Midway is a long and complex narrative. The movie recalls the actions taken by the brave servicemen of the Greatest Generation and their response to the call to duty during one of our nation’s most troubled times.

The incredible historical accuracy the film portrays and places the audience who may not know about The Battle of Midway into the action. The film makers effectively place historical events in chronological order and give perfect context surrounding the plot of the picture.

The first hour of the film feels episodic with short scenes that rapidly change the setting and characters to give full context and create historical accuracy.

It isn’t until the later half of the movie where character development begins to unfold that the audience can emotionally connect with the main characters.

The film at times seemed over dramatized and far fetched with some of scenes involving near death experiences or the camaraderie felt between the servicemen.

Due to the constant changing of scenes and minimal character development it leaves the audience wanting more from the actors playing the main characters.

Eckhart’s and Moore’s roles in “Midway” don’t allow them to fully use their potential acting abilities in the little screen time they have throughout the movie.

Ed Skrein (left) stars as the heroic Richard "Dick" Best who historically was the first American pilot to successfully bomb two enemy aircraft carriers in one day. Mandy Moore (right) plays Anne Best, Dick's loving and supportive wife. Photo credit: Lionsgate

The film was a heartfelt and gives Americans a reason to be proud patriots for the those who serve our country.

The film accurately depicts the sacrifice and loss of America’s servicemen and civilians where the liberties of our nation could have easily been compromised.