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Requiem: Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy

South of Fullerton lies the magical cafe, Requiem: Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy, where guests walk in and feel immersed into a sci-fi fairy tale and can be apart of gaming events, trivia, meetups or chill and do homework.

This Instagram-worthy cafe, located on the corner of South Clementine Street and West Broadway in Anaheim, is a place where guests can order themed coffees and teas as they sit and soak up the atmosphere.

Requiem Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy
Relaxing atmosphere to hang out with friends, play a card came, or do some homework. Photo credit: Cheyenne Ridgley

Cozy nooks are provided if guests want alone time to work on homework or to play games in private.

They also serve various beers and wines if desired as well as pastries and sandwiches.

Requiem provides a very affordable menu, and it is clear that their audience is geared towards welcoming all and embracing diversity.

Themed “Potion” drinks are served for around five dollars for a large, like their Health Potion which is a dessert pear lemonade, Stamina Potion which is a lychee lemonade, and Mana Potion which is lavender lemonade.

The option to upgrade a potion to a Greater Potion where an alcohol shot is added to the drink is also available for three to four dollars more.

Other themed coffees and teas priced at around five dollars for a large are served and brewed fresh in-house.

Their specialty Caramelized Pear tea and Iron Goddess of Mercy tea are brewed with fresh herbs and the taste is very smooth and fresh.

Requiem Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy food and drinks served.
Iced drip coffee, "Health Potion", "Stamina Potion", and some of the food available at Requiem. Photo credit: Cheyenne Ridgley

They will let guests smell the fresh herbs before picking what tea they’d like if desired. There’s a nice variety of teas provided to choose from, which can be requested hot or cold.

Hot or iced coffee is available to order as an americano, latte, drip coffee, cappuccino, they even offer decaf options. Flavors can be added to lattes for 50 cents more.

Specialty themed, and unique flavored coffees are served as well like the Bioscan which is a cookie butter latte with notes of blackberry.

The Bonfire is a warm toasted marshmallow infused latte with dark chocolate and toasted graham, and the Cuppa Comfort is a cookie butter latte with a hint of vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon.

Charming, themed sandwiches are served like their Adventurer’s Club which is a BLT on sourdough bread and the Italian Bros which has Genoa salami, pepperoni, pickles, pepperoncini peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, mayo and mustard on sourdough bread.

Vegan and Vegetarian options are also available. The food ranges at around seven to ten dollars. Snacks and pastries range from two to four dollars.

No appetite? There is more to do beyond the food and drinks.

Board games available!
A large selection of board games are provided for guests. Photo credit: Cheyenne Ridgley

For the month of November, they’ve themed every Wednesday to be Nostalgia November Movie Nights where every Wednesday night, guests can drop in to watch a throw-back movie like “The Little Rascals” and “Treasure Planet.”

On Mondays, they have Magic Mondays where everyone comes to play Magic The Gathering and guests can bring their own decks.

Also, with Tavern Tuesdays where you can come in for happy hour, playgroup board games, and trivia nights, there never seems to be a dull moment at Requiem.

Requiem also hosts a group called D&D Tonight once a month, where the crew will pick a night to come in and play Dungeons and Dragons live at Requiem.

Guests can tune in and listen at the cafe with headsets provided or for those at home. Guests can tune in on their Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube with their live stream.

Part of the media crew for D&D Tonight, Delany Sargent spoke about how they chose Requiem because the fantasy theme adds a beautiful backdrop to immerse those who are watching.

Live Set of "DND Tonight" at Requiem Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy
Catch the live set of "DND Tonight" at Requiem Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy hosted once a month. Photo credit: Cheyenne Ridgley

Whether it’s playing card games or board games with friends, watching a live set of Dungeons and Dragons, working on homework, or just enjoying the atmosphere and talking with friends, there is something for everyone.

Requiem is open every day from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and is located on 280 S Clementine St. Anaheim, CA 92805.