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Fullerton’s best study spots for finals

When studying, many have a hard time concentrating on schoolwork. Getting out of the house and away from your daily distractions is a remedy for the usual roadblocks that come with studying.

The safe study haven for FC students is usually the library. Convenience is key for study spots, and the library has all of them with helpful research services, close proximity to classes and the cafeteria. Among the services are study rooms, math lab, computer lab, skills/reading lab, ESL lab, writing center and tutoring services.

Study rooms are available to students with a student ID and allow a minimum of two persons per room and a maximum of 10 with a loaning period of two hours.

FC students Mariah Russell and Trinity Lobe studying in a study room
FC students Mariah Russell and Trinity Lobe studying in a study room. Photo credit: Jose Vazquez

The math lab offers help for students enrolled in a Fullerton college math course. The lab offers walk-in one on one tutoring, access to computers that have DVD lectures, textbooks with answer keys.

“The DVD lectures go with all of our books here. Students can go up to any of our computers, select their course and watch instructors go through problems. It’s a good resource for students who missed something from the class,” said instructional assistant Catherine Osborne.

The ESL lab has weekly hours for students whose first language is not English. The program helps these students with English skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and pronunciation. The lab is a comfortable setting for these students to learn the language and socialize with other ESL students.

ESL Tutor Shun Shen lecturing students
ESL Tutor Shun Shen lecturing students at Fullerton College. Photo credit: Jose Vazquez

“Students who come to ESL tutoring can expect to get homework done and get confusion clarified so that they don’t procrastinate,” said ESL tutor Shulin Shen.

Another available resource to students is the Cadena Cultural Center, located by the cafeteria, a program that aims to help students with transferring to universities. The transfer offers a study hall that equips students with computers, printers and tables to study for finals.

Among Fullerton’s services, there are many other calming locations for studying those being wifi friendly restaurants and coffee shops. Cha2o, a local Vietnamese restaurant in Downtown Fullerton is a great place to plug in some headphones, connect to wifi and enjoy a study sesh with friends, tasty food and boba drinks.

Dripp located on Harbor by the campus is an exceptional little coffee house with classical architecture and homey internal decor; it is a nifty place to enjoy a cup of joe while studying for those exams.

Studying at the Dripp coffee house
Students can Study for finals at the Dripp coffee house in Downtown Fullerton. Photo credit: Jose Vazquez

Another amazing coffee shop to concentrate in is Night Owl, located in the center of Downtown Fullerton. After a long day of studying, the coffee house offers live music outside at night in the patio to take a break from the study.

Everyone struggles with the side effects that come with college. However, with some help and calming environments, the road to success becomes smoother.

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Jose Vazquez
Jose Vazquez, Staff Photographer
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