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Do you feel safe in Downtown Fullerton

After 4 people were stabbed at a bar in Downtown Fullerton, we asked students how safe they felt while out at local bars and nightclubs.

“It’s scary to know that the police aren’t doing what they are supposed to be doing, it makes me concerned about our safety here on campus since we are so close.”

Sina Sevaaetssi

Political Science major


“Downtown Fullerton needs to hire a third party to secure the area and patrol more regularly.”

Chris Knott

Business major


“That’s alarming. I go to Downtown Fullerton many times and never sensed a lack of security. It definitely makes me feel less secure now.”

Alex Najera

Child Development major


“I still feel secure, when I go I always am around people and I am aware of my surroundings.”

Christa Borgogna




“I work in Downtown Fullerton. It makes me uncomfortable to work in that environment now and most places don’t even have much security.”

Amanda Donaldson

Ecology major



“It makes me insecure. I do not go by myself anymore. I usually go with a guy or I just do not go.”

Aurora Orozco

Sociology major

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