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‘The Face’ may be one of our own

Model and student Margaux Brooke began her career at the age of 9 years old.

After her mother heard of a casting call for young models on the radio, she was signed to an agency, dressed up and found herself dancing in front of a camera for companies such as: Target, Macy’s and Neiman Marcus.

After many years, jobs and agencies a 22 -year-old Brooke can be found competing on Oxygen’s unique, new modeling competition “The Face.”

The pressure is high for the girls competing for a chance to be the face of popular ULTA Beauty.

However, Brooke’s strategy to win is simple and quite unusual for a woman in her position.

“It’s a huge opportunity but I’ve been modeling since I was 9 years old. If anything, my mental preparation would be to just relax and realize that even though this is a huge job, I need to treat it like any other that I would book,” Margaux Brooke explained.

Her calm, mature demeanor is probably what sets her apart, along with her affinity for posing an edgy photograph in front of the camera.

Brooke is a woman with model ambitions that will likely surprise.

Instead of success based on a career of being a “pretty face,” she would prefer to be known for her “quirkiness.”

The desire is much in line with the morals of her on-show coach and worldwide-supermodel Coco Rocha.

“The fact that Coco is not a cookie-cutter model is a huge draw. Maybe she’s theatrical, weird and does things differently. That’s why people love her so much,” Brooke said with enthusiasm.

After passing the initial audition against thousands of girls, the camera and runway tests for the chosen 24, Margaux had to make a decision that anyone in fashion would hesitant at.

Hornet: Tell me the thoughts skipping through your head when you have to choose between legend Naomi Campbell and trend-setter Coco Rocha?

Brooke: It really wasn’t a choice. I knew if I made it through the first elimination that I was going to pick Coco Rocha.

I came on the show to learn from her first and foremost, anything else that I learned from Karolina and Naomi was a bonus. But I will admit having Naomi want me, and to have her stare at me while I decided was intimidating.

Hornet: The show seems to capture the supermodel judges, specifically Naomi Campbell, in a softer light. Did it surprise you and the other contestants to see successful women you’ve admired in that way?

Brooke: Which clip of the show have you been watching? I will admit Naomi is an amazing woman and is entirely capable of being “soft” at times, but when we are competing-which is almost always- her claws are out. She wants to help all of the girls on the show but she definitely wants her girls to win above all else.

Hornet: Did you bond with any of your teammates, or even girls on opposing teams?

Brooke: I bonded with one girl more than the others, her name is Marlee and she is also a member of Team Coco. We clicked right away, even through the casting process. We are both just laid back, no drama girls, so whenever a fight would take place on another team we would usually go hang out in our room and keep to ourselves.

Hornet: Was keeping the secret of where you were from family and friends difficult?

Brooke: We were allowed to tell people directly related to us, like I told my mom and my two best friends, whose house I basically live at. If I didn’t they would alert the National Guard about my disappearance, but other than that, no it wasn’t that hard keeping the secret. I really enjoyed doing something purely for myself and not having to worry about other people for awhile.

Having spent a good amount of time in the modeling industry, Margaux is no stranger to rejection.

When she first arrived in Los Angeles to sign with an agency, her first choice turned her down for being “too short.”

She walked away devastated. Unbeknown to her, later that day Elite Modeling would sign her on the spot.

“It was a huge lesson learned. I might not be right for everyone, but when someone believes in me I can do anything. That’s why I auditioned for “The Face”. I had my doubts, but Coco Rocha believes in me. That’s huge and amazing and I’m not going to let her down, “ Margaux reflected.

Margaux knows that many wonder why she still hasn’t “made it” after nearly a decade in modeling, but she has been a part-time student while pursuing her career.

Besides, L.A. is merely “land of lookbooks and Ecommerce photo shoots.”

Brooke says she hasn’t had the “balls”- as Naomi would say- to take on New York, but this year her eyes on the prize.

Even in light of the successes coming her way, Margaux says there isn’t a struggle to stay a humble girl who once walked the FC halls frequently.

“Modeling is a passion but it’s also a job, and I treat it like I would any other. Sure, I get to occasionally show friends and family stuff that I’ve been in. But when I’m not working, I’m home nerding out on my computer or going over to my friend’s to make dinner,” Brooke said.

“I’m just a normal girl with a really cool job.”

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