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Instructor leads drought efforts

Despite the recent rains, California has been stuck in the middle of its driest year on record. The state has been urging its residents to cut back on their water usage.

But for one Fullerton College instructor, people are not making an effort in proportion to the current crisis.

Sean Chameberlin, oceanography instructor, has been very active in organizing drought prevention efforts at FC.

He took things in his own hands and put together a water conservation project with FC students. They even created a video titled, “No Water, No Lawn,” which can be found on YouTube.

The video focuses on the need for drought tolerant plants on our lawns and the way it can help with the water conservation effort in California. He makes the point clear that if we make a small step in changing the way we see our lawns, we can benefit in preserving water.

“California is experiencing the worst drought in our state’s history and Gov. Jerry Brown is asking every Californian to take extra steps to use water wisely,” said Chester A. Widom, California state architect, in a letter to district officials. “I am asking school districts to lead by example in water conservation and water efficiency efforts.”

Chamberlin claims that in a survey he conducted with his students, results indicated that people are aware of the problem and know the basic steps on preserving water. However, when asked to change their water wasting habits, students seemed to have a different mind set.

“Students need an organization where they can unite together and remind other students that changing their water habits can benefit California.”

Chamberlin continues on to say that the school needs to do more to help out with the state’s water woes. According to Chamberlin, by creating a habit of water conservation we will be prepared when faced with extreme droughts.



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