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Muslim students inform FC on the hijab

The Quad was lit up with the placement of numerous tables filled with an array of colorful headscarves.

This event held on March 12 and 13 was an effort by the Muslim Student Association to help clear up any misconceptions about the hijab, a commonly used Arabic word for headscarf.

“Today we are trying to raise awareness [about the hijab] and to let people know what it really represents,” said Dania Mohammad, secretary of MSA.

The event allowed any one walking by to choose a hijab, try it on and take it home.

Mohammad has been wearing the hijab for a little over three months. She made the decision to put it on after receiving many forms of unwanted attention from the opposite sex.

“I would get all kinds of looks from guys checking out my body. The amount of respect I got after putting it on was amazing,” Mohammad said.

The Fullerton College MSA has been planning this for a few months and is hoping to continue this event onto the upcoming Fall semester as well.

“In the Quran it does say that we should wear it when one hits puberty but ultimately it’s your choice,” Mohammad said.

When asked about the kind of reactions and responses they have been receiving from FC students regarding the table, Heba Sairafe, MSA president said that they have all been positive so far.

“I’m Muslim but I don’t usually wear the hijab. I have been thinking about it so this was the perfect opportunity, said Camille Reta, Psychology major.

MSA got the idea for this gathering after the University of California, Irvine’s Muslim Student Union held a similar event.

Sairafe hopes that by allowing non-Muslims a chance to become familiarized with the hijab they will be able to clear up any misunderstandings about it. They also hope to answer any questions people may have regarding the headscarf.

“Growing up with it [hijab] I learned to love it,” Sairafe said.

Sairafe’s journey with the hijab was not a simple one. Her mom was against it at first because she thought Sairafe was too young to fully understand the impacts of the headscarf but she put it on regardless.

When asked how she felt about the many Muslim women who do not cover their hair, Sairafe claims that every women should have a choice on the matter and no one has the right to point fingers.

“It is an obligation in Islam for women to wear hijab. However, we don’t play the role of judging anyone, God does,” Mohammad said.

The MSA meets every Tuesday in Room 313 from 1-2 p.m.


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