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Fullerton College releases its new mobile app for all students

The Fullerton College mobile app launched on Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020 with options that are more reliable for students. The app is available on both Android and iOS.

Students are able to access my gateway, canvas, library hours and much more strictly from the app itself. The app also gives students the ability to check their grades, view any holds, see their class schedule and access cafeteria hours within the click of a finger. This is extremely reliable for students especially those who do not have computers but do have mobile devices.

First-time freshman students might find this app particularly useful because it contains access to their promise program status, a directory of each building, and where it’s located with contact information. It even includes an interactive map tour that can help guide them on their journey through Fullerton College.

The interactive tour is beneficial to students, especially freshman, who need to find their way around school. This can be found in the Maps and Tours tab.

Jonathan Mejia, a freshman student at Fullerton College was raving about the app. “I was so excited because I no longer have to go on the website every time I needed to look for something,” said Mejia. In addition, he also mentioned how he wishes Fullerton College would advertise it more for its students.

After a few other students were prompted to share their opinions about the app, most were unaware that the app existed. “I downloaded the app but I feel like flyers should be put up around campus and post about it more because it could be so helpful especially for those who are part-time,” said Sophomore, Olivia Boyer.

One of the most personalized specialties of the app is the “My Records” tab. When clicked on, it gives access to each student’s personalized class schedule for each day of the week. It also has a quick access option to view Student Records (Personal Information, Holds, etc).

This is the homepage screen on the app when the student scrolls down.

Some limitations on the app include access to my gateway. Although it is accessible through the app it takes the same amount of time, if not longer to log in and then use a mobile version of it. It’s faster on a desktop.

Another limitation includes: not being able to alter personal Information. A student noted that she wants to request for campus communications to make an option that is easily accessible to change her phone number, email, etc. through the “My Records” option rather than logging onto My Gateway to complete that action.

There are two bugs that different students on campus pointed out. One of them was scrolling down on the app, if that was done, the app would automatically go back to the top of the page. Not always, but it happened frequently. The second one is the View Emergency Alerts button inside of the Emergency and Safety Information section. The button doesn’t seem to have a function.

Campus safety and emergency alerts located in the Emergency and Safety information section

Some features that stood out to students on campus were the tabs for Emergency and Safety Information and the Wellness and Safety tab. The Emergency tab includes the Emergency Campus Safety Line, Campus Safety information and Emergency Alerts. This information can be especially helpful for students with night classes.

Other add-ons that are easily accessible are the Fullerton College twitter account, the fine arts, athletics, application, degrees and certificates tab. Rather than students who go online to access what courses they need to take to get their degree, they can refer to this instead.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns about the application, please contact Campus Communications via email at [email protected]