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Thursday Bites Review: Cha2o the place to be

Downtown Fullerton has many varieties of restaurants, but Cha2o is the place to be as it is a perfect place for friends and for individuals in need of a relaxing night out.

Cha2o has varieties of Vietnamese food, starting from serving their delightful pho to their beef rice plates. The uniqueness of this place that makes it stand out is the relaxing lights, good energy and soft comforting music.

The top 10 peoples favorite tummy fillers, the Shaken Beef Rice Plate.
The top 10 peoples favorite tummy fillers, the Shaken Beef Rice Plate. Photo credit: Marilyn Hernandez

For a perfect dish, or what Cha2o calls ” Tummy Fillers”, the Shaken Rice Plate is highly recommended. This plate is filled with fries that are mixed with fried pieces of onions and chewy beef. On the side of the dish, it comes with a side of rice, you can either choose fried or steamed rice. The plate is covered with white cheese and a spicy delicious green dipping sauce. The price of the delicious plate came out to just $11.99.

For an eye-catching dessert, Cha2o shares their mouth-watering “Bling Bling Toast Box” under their top 10 ” Tummy Pleaser”. This toast box is the perfect tummy pleaser, it is a warm soft bread covered with strawberry, mango, vanilla ice cream with red syrup and sprinkles. The dish has bits of pineapple on it with chocolate syrup around it for the price of $11.99.

Top 10 tummy pleaser
Top 10 tummy pleaser Photo credit: Marilyn Hernandez

Cha2o is very popular due to their “to die for” slushies, smoothies and boba drinks. One of their top drinks is the Tango Mango. The Tango Mango is a cold slushie that is the perfect drink for a refresher as it is made with chunks of strawberries, mangos and covered with creamy chamoy. The slushie can come with any choice of boba. The cost of this cold yummy slushie is just $4.99.

Cha2o provides a self-service station where you can help yourself with cucumber lemon mixed water, utensils and boxes to go. This place gives you an option to grab things yourself instead of having to wait for someone.

Cha2o not only has great Vietnamese food but it has the most affordable prices. This place is not a one-time thing, it is a place to come on any type of occasion.

Cha2o is open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. and also have their happy hour that comes with varieties of different delightful foods. The happy hour is from Monday – Friday from 1 to 5 p.m.

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