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Parking lot changes for Spring 2020

Fullerton College is aware that this semester has fewer parking spaces for students. In order to accommodate this issue, the Vice President of Administrative Services is in charge of providing alternate solutions. This includes the Orange County bus pass and Off-Site Parking and Shuttle Bus service.

The parking lot changes include closure to student lot six which is by the baseball fields, south of Sherbeck Field, staff parking lot B, north of the 1200 building and staff parking lot three, which is north of the 900 building.

This is a picture of the Off-Site Parking & Shuttle Bus service flyer.
This is a picture of the Off-Site Parking & Shuttle Bus service flyer. Photo credit: Natalie West

Off-site parking and shuttle bus service are available to all students without cost. Off-site parking is located in the Walgreens parking lot off of Chapman and Raymond avenue. According to Administrative Services, the shuttle bus service operates Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The shuttle stops on campus behind building 2000, next to student/staff parking lot 10. This route is an alternative success to most students, however, there has been cases where students have had concerns about taking the shuttle due to the shuttle ending before closing.

This is behind the 2000 building where the shuttle picks up students.
This is behind the 2000 building where the shuttle picks up students. Photo credit: Natalie West

Many students believed that parking would improve as the semester goes on, however, the parking has remained stagnant so far. Students are used to parking being a struggle at the begging of the semester and evening out towards the middle, but that hasn’t seemed to happen yet.

Fullerton College student, Mitzy Aguilar said, “I started taking an Uber to school each day after I purchased my parking pass because I couldn’t find a place to park.” Since two staff parking lots have been closed down until further notice, many staff members have been led to what used to be student parking lot four.

Fullerton College student, Christian Apodaca said, “Spots are filled up everywhere. Maybe Fullerton College should expand parking.” The parking lot is known to be a narrow parking area but filled lots of spots.

However, many local students are pleased that the OC bus pass is offered as another alternative to lesser parking space. The Orange County bus pass was first offered to students back in Fall 2019 and still continues to be free to Fullerton College part-time and full-time students today.

Students were supposed to get an email from OCTA at the beginning of the semester inviting them to have access to all available routes throughout Orange County. The student center can activate students’ bus passes via identification card as well.

Starting in Fall 2020, all students will have to start paying for the Orange County bus pass. Full-time students will pay a larger fee than part-time students.

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