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Fullerton College classes canceled

In light of the developments with COVID-19, Fullerton College sent out an email detailing that it’s cancelling all classes from Mar. 13 through Mar. 17 in order to give professors time to prepare for remote learning.

On the Mar. 18, classes will resume using remote learning as much as possible. Remote learning will continue until Apr. 13, where the campus will assess if they can return to in-class meetings.

Classes that are required to be taught in-person will continue to be taught during the remote learning period. They’re going to be taught with extreme caution, and the college will be giving more details later on these classes.

COVID-19, classified yesterday by the WHO as a pandemic, has shown 124,000 cases across the globe as of the latest updates. It began in China around November and has rapidly been spreading throughout the globe ever since with Italy having more than 15,000 cases and the US surpassing 1,000.

Fullerton College is not the first college to begin moving to online learning. Many colleges in the area have moved in the same direction.

Cal State Fullerton, for example, sent out emails yesterday detailing that professors are recommended to start moving to online classes now. They are required to start by at least Mar. 25.

More colleges in the area that have closed down include: Chapman, Long Beach City College, UCLA, UC Santa Cruz, Whittier College and many more.

General practice for these colleges seems to be a month of online classes, and a return to form at around mid-April. Fullerton College is following this trend.

Students generally seem unprepared for the change.

“I’ve never taken an online class before, so that’s going to be interesting,” said Psychology major Liliana Torres.

Although the transition to online learning may seem tough, this period of cancellation is intended to give both students and staff the time to prepare for these changes.

“It would definitely put a pause in my life, kind of a halt,” said Business Administration major Christian Luna.

The full statement by President Schulz can be read below:

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