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Opinion: Could the Coronavirus kill the cruise industry?

The cruise industry has taken a hard hit since the spread of COVID-19 throughout the world.

Annual cruise vacations will be canceled and boat lovers will be disappointed, but everyone should pick the safer choice when it comes to their health, which doesn’t include vacationing on the sea.

On Mar. 9, the State Department warned travelers to avoid planning a trip on a cruise because it is not a viable option to travel.

In the same week, President Donald Trump initiated a travel ban from Europe, extending the ban to the U.K. and Ireland. Travelers now have limited options, whether choosing to travel or canceling their trip. Many cruise lines are already canceling their passengers’ trips out of precaution.

The COVID-19 virus is something that people should take with concern by avoiding cruise ships altogether. If that means letting the cruise industry lose money, then that must happen.

Since COVID-19 has been compared to the flu, people have a high chance of contracting the virus from family, friends or even a stranger. Being aboard a cruise ship, passengers are at a much higher risk of spreading the virus and many other diseases.

Among those at high risk, the elderly have been most affected by COVID-19. Health advisories have warned this demographic to not board a cruise ship. If they contract the virus, they are more likely to show worse symptoms that may potentially be fatal, especially if they already have an existing health condition.

However, many are ignoring the warnings, contemplating if they should take advantage of the great deals from Carnival, Viking or any other cruise line.

If people are paying to go on a cruise, then they are wasting their money, risking their own lives and risking the lives of those most vulnerable. Taking advantage of cheap vacations, at this point, is irresponsible. Instead, people should be focusing on taking care of their families and making sure they are taking the cautionary steps to avoid spreading COVID-19.

Now, people have to weigh out their options to cancel their travel plans in order to avoid being another case of COVID-19.

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