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Students Helping to Fight National Blood Shortage

Originally written for publishing on March 10, 2013.

Every two seconds, someone needs a blood transfusion and each pint of blood that is donated can save up to three lives, according to Nora Whitehouse, Team Supervisor for the American Red Cross.

“I’m a little scared and a little excited, but I want to help people,” said Kameron Moeller, a student and first-time donor.

Donating isn’t the only way to help, students also volunteer for the the donation effort.

“I’ve donated blood three times but I suddenly developed a fear of needles. But I am here to help and support anyone who is brave enough,” stated Allison Bower, a volunteer.

There are some restrictions for those wanting to donate. Donors go through a strict screening process where they are given a questionnaire and a mini-physical.

“We are very strict with our requirements to give the safest blood to the American public” Whitehouse said.

People with low hemoglobin levels, have had a tattoo in California in the last year, or have traveled to certain countries where malaria is a high risk cannot donate.

Frequent donators are required to wait eight weeks between giving another donation.

“I know it helps a lot of people in need, it’s something good that you can do that doesn’t do anything to yourself, I’m lucky enough to have a healthy life and healthy body,” said Jevon Tabar, a student and regular donor.

The blood drive donors were given free snacks, water, and a T-Shirt for their participation.

“When you donate blood it’s truly a giving of yourself, it’s not just a couple bucks to a charity. We are helping save lives, what can be better than that?” Whitehouse said.

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